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    Buying needles

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    Test and Blood Pressure

    It's individualistic. For me 200mg of test puts me high. Luckily you have access to BP medication. If it's an ace inhibitor just up the dose if BP gets high, as easy as tnat
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    Lowering Blood Pressure

    It depends wether your talking about TRT or cycle. As far as TRT goes I'd highly suggest lowering dose untill it's controlled. trt is your life long dose, be smart. Don't start tasking meds and crazy stuff just to get away with an extra 50mg a week. For me 200mg had me high, and 180 I felt good...
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    Genuine WATSON Testosterone Cypionate! from domestic-supply

    You know it's 100% legit. It's a company that meets all US regulations and is the best. You know it's safe and properly dosed. Your paying a premium for that. Go look and logs of people making using UGL and getting bloodwork. Results are all over the place. Yet with Watson, my TRT T levels are...
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    Designer Steroids Now Illegal

    ^ ya we knew this all along, maybe good marketing to blowout inventory, a good sales approach, maybe they will stop selling it just to be safe. Who knows. I took advantage of the low prices and got DMZ, so either way don't care
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    My Z's Test C log and bloodwork

    1. I'm not Arab, I'm from NJ, and have no affiliation with anyone. Go over my post history from day 1. Your an idiot,if you think your a genius and found some interlinked conspiracy,atleast do more then 5 seconds of research 2. The difference is about 20-30mg, so it's not horrible no, but by...
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    PSL/Euro Pharm

    Don't know about PSL, but EP is a crap shoot at best. I'd look elsewhere. To many good UGL/HG gear to waste your time with EP. IMO.... And I've posted bloods while using it, and t3 I'm using now is def under dosed, anecdotally from my switchin labs and gaining weight on same dose and diet
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    Changing my plan for recomp cycle!

    You absolutely don't have to ramp t3, it just prolongs recovery after you stop taking it.
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    on cycle bloat/gyno

    Use an AI, and something never talked about is blood pressure medication. Most peoples BP is sky high in cycle. 10mg of lisinopril should do it
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    Overtraining vs undertraining - what is better?

    Over training followed by under training, then repeat. It's called periodization
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    Back of throat , head back, chase with diet coke. Best solution I could come up with.
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    z line is back!

    Is Z line affiliated with EP? Packaging looks indentcal
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    Glucometer suggestions

    I have tne cvs brand. Same price as the Bauer one but strips are half tne price. Not very accurate. Over 2 months i never tested over 100 fasted. Bloodwork showed 118 fasted and 5.7 a1c. I was very disappointed .
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    My Z's Test C log and bloodwork

    First injection 8/21, blood work 9/25
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    My Z's Test C log and bloodwork

    Here's my final words, and I'll leave it at that. You can't predict where someone will test on what dose. The only way is to have numerous bloods with the same dose and you know where you should be. I've never tested below 1,000 on 200mg of pharma, period. This alone shows underdosed. Now let's...
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    My Z's Test C log and bloodwork

    Everyone Tests different at the same dosage. Tnats why I think the best way to do it is to have baseline numbers for the protocol
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    My Z's Test C log and bloodwork

    Do you ever read posts before you respond. I'm sayin the combination of test levels dropping AND estrogen dropping is a clear sign. I'm done defending or trying to convince anyone of anything. People can interpret this however they want . I posted before and after numbers , and gave my .02c...
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    My Z's Test C log and bloodwork

    100% false. Not only was my total test down, but my free AND MY ESTROGEN. clearly under dosed test led to my estrogen being lowered. If my total test was 840, and estrogen 15 you'd have an argument
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    My Z's Test C log and bloodwork

    I agree #s vary BW to BW, but all 3 were down, so it's clearly underdosed. Maybe not by much, but it really affected me. My e2 at 17 is already borderline low, but I feel great. At 10 I lost strength in the gym and it was noticable, also had some joint pain. Again this BW may be good news to...
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    My Z's Test C log and bloodwork

    Ok here's my original BW on pharma TRT. I could of swore test was 1066, but it was actually 1016. Sorry about that