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  1. Drugsgear

    New Here

    If you participate in discussions on the forum, you can quickly write 10 messages. Write something about yourself. What is your stats? weight, height? bench press, deadlift, squats? Sincerely, Alan
  2. Drugsgear

    New Here

    Hi brother, welcome to the forum. Why do you need to write 10 messages? Sincerely, Alan
  3. Drugsgear

    Gear Porn

    Sounds good brother! We are all waiting for your log How many proteins, fats and carbohydrates do you plan to intake per day? How many times per week do you plan to do a workout? do you do cardio during your bulking period? Do you old school bodybuilder - workout with heavy weights or new school...
  4. Drugsgear

    Future IFBB Pro Zepp On The Team!

    I am very careful when choosing people to join our team. Thanks to this scrupulousness, we are in the game for many years. Today I want to introduce to you all a new member of our team - BodybuilderZepp. This guy has a lot of knowledge and experience in building a quality body, nutrition...
  5. Drugsgear

    Stop Giving Liver King Attention!!

    And why am I not surprised at all. He never inspired confidence in me.
  6. Drugsgear

    New dude here, sup guys!

    Welcome to IMF. Sincerely, Alan.
  7. Drugsgear

    Purity source labs

    Welcome to IMF. Sincerely, Alan.
  8. Drugsgear

    Apparently I am a new guy again

    Welcome to IMF. Sincerely, Alan.
  9. Drugsgear

    First time for Japan in NATO

    Japanese PM plans to attend Nato summit in first for country’s leader amid Russia’s war in Ukraine. If Japan is getting meddled in this shit, then what do you think are we about to witness?
  10. Drugsgear

    TikTok Star Says She Needed Surgery After Losing Vibrator in Butt

    There is a glass cabinet at museum in London that displays various items doctors have removed from private patients’ zones. For the most part, there was no medical reason to keep them, the doctors just thought it was funny. Among them are 1. Anti-aircraft shell (6.5” long by 1.3” wide), removed...
  11. Drugsgear

    Looking for a “boost”

    Welcome to IMF. Sincerely, Alan.
  12. Drugsgear

    Beware, mosqiutos.

    Summer is coming, so I've found what we all need just now: Off!Cast Mosquito Forecast Apparently, Google Earth Engine and SC Johnson launched this website to provide a mosquito-forecast to help better plan yard parties and camping trips (in the USA for now, but the developers hope to have...
  13. Drugsgear

    Orders! Important info

    Hello my friends. You probably know that the real war has been going on for 10 months already in my home country. And the person who was involved in the site support just disappeared. I don't know if he's even alive. Programer who launched the website disappeared before he could...
  14. Drugsgear

    The latest gigs

    There was a topic started yesterday about the best oldies, like 80/90's Rock, which made me think of all the concerts missed through Pandemics. So, now I am curious what was the last concert you have visited?
  15. Drugsgear

    Describe The First Time You Fell In Love

    At some moment I caught myself thinking that was not reading a post in the Pit, but some kind of a romantic novel. Great talent for stinging words, though.
  16. Drugsgear

    Welcome, Koolio

    Welcome to the forum! Sincerely, Alan.
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    Welcome, TechProGuy

    Welcome to the forum! Sincerely, Alan.
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    Welcome, EdwardColeman

    Welcome to the forum! Sincerely, Alan.
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    Welcome, newt3

    Welcome to the forum! Sincerely, Alan.