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  1. keysdisease

    Blood Work results question

    I have been doing trt for about 6-7 years now. I have never missed a blood donation when i am eligible to do so. but for the past year my rbc count has been getting higher and higher to a point now that my hemoglobin and hematocrit fall in the red flag level. i pin 200mg every 2 weeks divided...
  2. keysdisease

    HRT for woman

    Hello all, i started out doing TRT via one of those clinics around 8 years ago. Shortly after this i found this site and performing it on my own (with everyones help here). My question is, my wife after starting menopause began an HRT therapy. where they make an incision and stitch in a pellet...
  3. keysdisease

    Can use some advice with bloodwork results

    I have been doing trt for a few years now. overall i am happy with everything except for a few numbers in my results: MCV MCH MCHV Have all been increasing over these years to a point now that they are out of range. RBC etc are normal. I donate blood every time i am eligible to. Estradiol...
  4. keysdisease

    Went to get tested

    I 100% totally agree with raysd. I went the route of 1 of those clinics for 2 months till i realized that if i was going to be living this lifestyle for the next 20-30 years i need to have it financially viable. You know your body better than anyone else. Plus with the ability of having my blood...
  5. keysdisease

    Wanting to add hcg to my trt

    Thx Moe, 3 months should be fine then for me. i read a paper that this doc wrote on hcg use while on trt. he recommends using a one week on eod and 2 weeks off schedule. this was to eliminate the body getting use to external hcg. and says that prolong continual use lessens the effect? Is this...
  6. keysdisease

    Wanting to add hcg to my trt

    thx Moe, More than just if and where to get the hcg powder i have a logistical question. I read one of your posts about freezing the solution. If i have lets say a 5000iu vial prepared. with a dosage of 250 2Xw, that comes out to roughly 2.5 months. everything i read states i can last for 30...
  7. keysdisease

    Wanting to add hcg to my trt

    I have been doing my own trt for the past few months now after being under doc. just did another round of bw and all in all pretty happy with everything except for the twins. From what i have researched so far it appears that i might need to implement hcg into my routine. Presently pinning 50mg...
  8. keysdisease

    TRT Guide

    mi1972 brought up a good point. If i was on say 300mg of cyp eow, due to the halflife would it be better to pin 150 ew, or 75 2Xw? Or just stick with what i have been doing? thx.
  9. keysdisease

    TRT Guide

    Thx guys for your help. Big puppy, are you recommending that i go the aromasin 12.5mg eod over .5 adex eod? And do i do this till the symptoms subside? or labs come back with est levels too low?
  10. keysdisease

    TRT Guide

    Actually, presently i am experiencing extremely tender/painfull nips. This is why i am asking if there is some standard guidelines to follow? Especially if i am not under doc supervision anymore. i am thinking of redoing labs.
  11. keysdisease

    TRT Guide

    Hello to everyone. I am new to this scene and been browsing what has seemed to be thousands of sites and supposed "experts" to gain knowledge and understanding of what this treatment truly does and don't do. I have been under doc care for a little over 2 months with 300mg/eow of cypionate. but...