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  1. BillHicksFan

    Do you guys collect anything?

    Lent from my belly button. My plan is that someday I'll have enough to to make a cushion and I'll sell it on ebay.
  2. BillHicksFan

    What have you Won?

    When it come to dumb luck, who's won some seriously cool prizes or lump sums of cash? Whats the best thing you've won? When it comes to dumb luck, the only thing Ive ever won in my life was a GenX gears give away here on IM and they got busted a week or two later before they sent me my...
  3. BillHicksFan

    Soy Milk and Estrogen?

    In that case I'll start dropping off a few litres to my neighbour on a daily basis. Who knows, in 12 months time we could possibly spark up a friendship. :daydream:
  4. BillHicksFan

    Soy Milk and Estrogen?

    Youre right, and I'm well aware of this. It's 8% protein and 15% carbs. Far from ideal but I've been using the "anything is better than nothing" rule and as I haven't trained in almost a year due to injury the doms is insane! I'll get more organised shortly but this new shift work schedule has...
  5. BillHicksFan

    Soy Milk and Estrogen?

    I just drink the protein and vitamin enriched soy without added sugar but yeah, it tastes surprisingly good after you get used to it. That's impossible. It's the male sperm which determines the gender of the unborn child. They could turn out to be extremely gay but I cant find any conclusive...
  6. BillHicksFan

    Soy Milk and Estrogen?

    Japanese men dont have boobs but they do have extremely small penises. Coincidence? :thinking: Thanks for your response, exphys. I was just kidding about the man-boobs but more concerned about estrogen related cancer and other sides that I wouldn't be aware of without blood work. I'll throw in...
  7. BillHicksFan

    Soy Milk and Estrogen?

    Jumped on a test only cycle 3 weeks ago. 750mg test sust/week, give or take. As its UGL, probably take. I have some outdated sten aromasin here but I plan to order more soon. Its 2 years old. Is it worth risking? In your opinion, is soy really that bad or is it not worth worrying about?
  8. BillHicksFan

    Soy Milk and Estrogen?

    Enough to be able to afford AIs.
  9. BillHicksFan

    Soy Milk and Estrogen?

    I thought only fags drink soy milk, but it tastes pretty good and sometimes I forget my lunch. Im running test without an AI and I'm a little concerned about the repercussions.
  10. BillHicksFan

    Soy Milk and Estrogen?

    1. Im working in a Soy milk factory so I have unlimited protein shakes, but will they give me bitch-tits (or have any negative affect) despite the fact I supplement with test? 2. Will drinking Soy milk make me gay?
  11. BillHicksFan

    Tranny hooker on Springer

    Somebody should deck the fuck out of Jerry Springer. He shamelessly pimps the worst of human nature for profit and fame. That's an episode I'd watch. :coffee: JFC, as a tranny enthusiast, I wouldn't touch that horror with bio-chem's dick.
  12. BillHicksFan

    Hope you're doin' well, Curt! :rocker:

    Hope you're doin' well, Curt! :rocker:
  13. BillHicksFan

    Guitar Lessons

    What kind of music do you want to play?
  14. BillHicksFan

    Teen smoking, drinking at 30-year low

    They are a major problem for me. I haven't had a decent one in years!
  15. BillHicksFan

    IronMag's diversity! What is your ethnicity?

    100% pure convict who's knowledge of a family tree would be more equivalent to that of a small shrub.
  16. BillHicksFan

    Matt Lauer and Bill O???Reilly argue over Whitney Houston

    Any talent-less hack with no brains can be a dead soldier. This statement isnt meant to offend, it's just the truth.
  17. BillHicksFan

    random erections after pct??

    They're called "bonus" erections. Not random erections.
  18. BillHicksFan

    conversation with god

    I'd enjoy listening in on this the conversations on individuals such as these. I wonder if they too whine about broken foot massager's and the quality of their sandwiches.
  19. BillHicksFan

    Having my kids watch Star Wars

  20. BillHicksFan

    Are you taking 2 parking spots? BAM BAM!!

    Yeah, Ill be watchin' that. Hope they dont fck it up.