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  1. J

    Stress-Portrait of a Killer

    stress can cause alot of minor to severe problems. what are some ways to cope.
  2. J


    good info trouble.
  3. J

    Injectable b12

    i have done it and really didnt do much like i was told it was.
  4. J

    Benefits Of Walking Exercise!!

    good info. keep up the cardio
  5. J

    Thank god for this site

    I agree. love this site. tons of info. hell yea
  6. J

    New guys may wanna read this

    great post. do ur homework and ask some experts here for advice
  7. J

    elbow injury.. advice please...

    i have some elbow probs . i ice it and use ibuprofen . if that dont help i would see a doc. good luck.
  8. J

    Finally decided to come out of my shell

    welcome bro
  9. J

    Injection site location help

    Google search or youtube search will give u insight and videos. i prefer glutes. good luck bro
  10. J

    How long should i wait between cycles

    Thanks for the answers everyone. Im gonna have my bloodwork done, and to blergs this is my third cycle and my first 2 cycles i did ten weeks but i started seeing and feeling good results at about 7 weeks.Is 20 weeks too much. Im on 1 ml each of test e, dbol, deca and fina. Let me know what u...
  11. J

    How long should i wait between cycles

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how long i should be off cycle. Im almost done with a 20 week cycle and i was wondering if 2 months would be enouph time to start a new cycle. Thanks for your help.
  12. J

    Newbie wanting to learn

    I'm new t this forum and already I love it.