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  1. fit4life

    GP Gear pics

    ^^Yes GXR64 I understand why thread was closed, bro hi-jacked my thread. I honestly thought i had ordered 50mgs. The Geneza specials now include Bulk order GP Winstrol @10mgs(10 pouches) for the same price as the GP Winstrol 50mgs(10 pouches). I always ordered the 50mg GP Winstrol bulk special...
  2. fit4life

    GP Gear pics

    Issue never resolved after opening tickets and my thread closed? Unofficial of who made error. I was sent 10mgs instead of 50mgs. Anyway here is a gear pic of small order of some GP products. Enjoy!
  3. fit4life

    After waitng since Feb finally recieved wrong product.......

    Went thru all the proper channels, this is last resort/attempt hoping someone higher up or the owner of Naps will read this and help me get this straightened out. Please no need to reply. I will still do biz with NapsGear b/c of fantastic selection of products, etc. I realize this is...
  4. fit4life

    After waitng since Feb finally recieved wrong product.......

    Customers of NAPs make sure you check and double check ur order. Over the yrs Naps is a reliable company and always makes things right, i have posted up gear pics and always satisfied, been layin low to see how things turn out. Its inevitable that someday you will get be taken advantage of, my...
  5. fit4life

    touchdown "gear Porn"

    Naps has great products, fast. 15 days left on clicker. I just picked up some GP winny oil, Winstrol(50)mg tabs, Clenbuteral, Clomid, Anapolon b/c I heard it was top notch Anadrols. Everything was from Naps. I am happy! Enclosed is a little something to look at bros. Order up bros the...
  6. fit4life

    Miss Springsteen's Road To Domination!

    Hey Miss S looking great girl. Where have you been lately? I honestly miss your updates :( When i get a chance to surf around your the only journal i like to follow. Well, hope all is well. Hopefully see ya on the boards!
  7. fit4life

    Cannabis / Marijuana: THE SEXY STONER THREAD!

    Damn look @ all those kind buds......and her too! My fav right here.
  8. fit4life

    Cannabis / Marijuana: THE SEXY STONER THREAD!

    Damn great picture wish i could just reach in there and grab some, annd some of her too
  9. fit4life

    Geneza Pharmaceuticals expirence thread...

    I am very happy with NAPS, everything is great about it. The improved t/a is lightning fast.
  10. fit4life

    I'm in Mexico, anything still good here gear-wise?

    sustanon redijects(pre-loaded), deca(preloads) and Atlantis Stenox Halo. Bro just go in ask for anabolics and the pharmacist will point u in the right direction. Make a deal and you will get amazing prices. Good luck and have fun and stock up if you can!
  11. fit4life

    Q & A with John Connor Expert AAS advisor

    John i have a (1) 10cc bottle of Humilin r dosed @ 100ius/cc. Insulin is best mixed with ba water correct? Also how much would i need to mix in? Planning on doing 5ius post workout. I wanted to thank you for all the info you provide, also for the info on insulin in the elite members section.
  12. fit4life

    !!!!- free gear lottery only for ironmagazine girls!!! Start now! Lets go girls!

    i vote Miss Springteen the overall winner the vid was bad ass.
  13. fit4life

    Whos running GH??

    3 iu Rips in am with 5 grams of creatine, 50 grams dextrose in protein shake.
  14. fit4life

    2013 usa championship- anthony tenuta chest workout

    Love to train with this guy, seems like a cool bro, plus admire him as a superheavy weight. He walks around a stacked 300lbs.
  15. fit4life

    2013 usa championship- anthony tenuta chest workout

    ANTHONY TENUTA (chest workout) 1-16-13 - YouTube
  16. fit4life

    Gear porn!!!!!

    nice gear pics bro!
  17. fit4life

    100 amps Omnadren 250 - 250mg/ml 1ml/amps !!!

    Omnadren 250 gear porn Uncle Z's Omnadren 250 is gtg plus this is a great deal!!!!!
  18. fit4life

    Lets talk about front loading. To front load or not ?

    Weekly dose of 1 gram of EQ these days and i just jump right into it from the week 1, doing 1 gram. I always plan on running Eq for 16 weeks. My last run was only a 12 weeker and really enjoyed it. I am currently using GP Eq included for my Summer cutter and so far so good. Frontloaded it...
  19. fit4life

    Lets talk about front loading. To front load or not ?

    I have noticed you have brought up some interesting topics, thanks. I have also wondered if front loading makes a difference or not? I heard many years ago from some pros that frontloading is good for long esters, so i took there advice and frontload with Equipoise only. I can tell you from my...
  20. fit4life

    What keep you guys going ?

    Great vids bro, these types of vids help me stay motivated so thanks for sharing! Many reasons to stay motivated but for me i love the PUMP mostly, especially midway thru a cycle. Reps bro!