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  1. nova1970sb

    am I doing arm curls wrong?

    start with 50's. if you cant lift it, hold the dumb bell near your hip. thrust forward at the hips with all you got preferably making a pshhhhh noise(like air is coming out of a tire) and swing your arm slightly back then rock the weight forward. that 50 pound dumb bell will feel like 25 when...
  2. nova1970sb

    Critique my workout

    i would go back+bi's, then a leg day starting with squats, rest, chest+tri's, then a day starting with deadlifts. on lower body days in my opinion as long as you have most of your focus on squats and deads to start with whatever you want to do after that to compliment them is secondary. but...
  3. nova1970sb

    dont know where to put this, work clothes!

    thanks fellas, i will give the first one a go. if that dont work, off to the tailor
  4. nova1970sb

    dont know where to put this, work clothes!

    so i have larger legs than average i guess. i have to wear khakis and dress pants daily for work, i am a 32" waist but my hips and legs are much wider so i am constantly blowing out seams around my pockets where the pants pull tight. does anyone know of a place or company that makes pants for...
  5. nova1970sb

    451 lb deadlift at 156 lb bodyweight. 2.89 x bodyweight! No straps. No Belt.

    good job on the weight. the video screams super gay though....
  6. nova1970sb

    motivational quotes you live by or inspire you?

    excuses are for losers
  7. nova1970sb

    Weak hands...need advice.

    you bet
  8. nova1970sb

    Weak hands...need advice.

    i dont have a arm day, i do deadlifts once a week, and will do them every other week after dead lifts
  9. nova1970sb

    Weak hands...need advice.

    i deadlift for the obvious benefits, also for grip strength. i feel if i cant grab it and hold on i shouldnt lift it. you can do finger curls (barbell behind back and roll down to the tip of your fingers then squeeze it back up), farmers walks, and another thing that has helped me was reverse...
  10. nova1970sb

    Why did you first start training?

    i always had jobs that kept me in shape, construction, warehouse work... then i got in to sales and lost it all. the day i realized how much i have lost i started hitting the gym.
  11. nova1970sb

    Hack Squat 10 plates for reps

    i thought the hack squat was a lift like the deadlift but with the bar behind your calves
  12. nova1970sb

    Advice needed & rate my 3 day split

    i am no expert, but personally i would start day two off with deadlifts, also do bent over rows before low rows, and if you can do pull ups i would do them rather than pull downs. and day three i would throw away leg press and do some squats. i would also choose only 2 bicep work outs, thats a...
  13. nova1970sb

    Top Exercises / And worse!

    fav, deads. because for my size i feel like i can lift quite a bit 2nd fav, squats. the idea of being challenged under the weight gets my blood pumping! least fav, bench press. i can get my body weight 5 times, but not having a spotter keeps me from going to my limit.
  14. nova1970sb

    How is my form?

    agreed, bend at the knees to stop rounding off your back. if your back rounds your weight is too high.
  15. nova1970sb

    The greatest training program on planet earth :)

    bahahaha! nice one!
  16. nova1970sb

    What's your max bench?

    never maxed myself out, i can only hit my body weight 12 times at 185 so who knows!
  17. nova1970sb

    Mary Jane - #1 Supplement

    you think you had the best work out ever lol
  18. nova1970sb

    Comment by 'nova1970sb' in media 'Jamie-23'

    who's this dude?
  19. nova1970sb

    Bodybuilding w/o partner/spotter

    know your limits, while still pushing. i have'nt had a spotter in 2 years. the only thing i think i spotter is helpful for is bar bell bench. do what you know you can do for 10 reps, if you go over 10 add weight. squat racks have safety bars, and i have no idea how a spotter could help a deadlift.