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  1. Juiced_Monkey

    Winstrol depot or tabs?

    x 2 ^^^
  2. Juiced_Monkey

    Naps is REALLY killing it right now!!

    8 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!Very niece brother :D enjoy it
  3. Juiced_Monkey

    Oral cycle

    U want to lean out & put one some mass ? If you want to put on some mass you need to focus on diet, if trying to bulk you will gain some fat, the key is to gain the minimal amount.. but if your looking to "cut" then take Anabolic's advise.. An oral cycle is not angood choice, I would tweak the...
  4. Juiced_Monkey


    Awesome, enjoy the goodies :D and yes, I too hate the post office
  5. Juiced_Monkey

    suggestions and improvements?

    I should give this a try.
  6. Juiced_Monkey

    Question for the fellas

    Nice, I'll be following this for sure :D
  7. Juiced_Monkey

    geneza pharmaceuticals sachets

    This is why I have stayed away from it myself.
  8. Juiced_Monkey

    NAPS Review

    I agree with u, shipping & service is out of this world
  9. Juiced_Monkey

    NapsGear shopping. All these brand names..

    I hear Canadian customs is tough, it's a tough call man... I trust Naps & I've never had a problem, but I'm in the US.
  10. Juiced_Monkey

    NapsGear shopping. All these brand names..

    LMAO !!! Me love some cookies too :D
  11. Juiced_Monkey

    Quality Direct Labs any good?

    I feels u man.. lol !!
  12. Juiced_Monkey

    Questioning why

    Well said
  13. Juiced_Monkey

    Photo contests

    lmao !!
  14. Juiced_Monkey

    Gonna be out a few days.

    You are a good man Anabolic
  15. Juiced_Monkey

    Questioning why

    Good enough for me
  16. Juiced_Monkey

    Photo contests

    Lots od goodies FO SHO !!!
  17. Juiced_Monkey

    Oral Tren the Hype

    Wow, blood work is much cheaper here, just make sure u keep checking youor BP brother.
  18. Juiced_Monkey


  19. Juiced_Monkey

    TD!!!!!!!! pic

    Hearing great things about it for sure
  20. Juiced_Monkey


    Yeap, now it's a great time, read all the threads on here.