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    You disagree cause you have no idea wth you're talking about. Read up about a topic and understand fully before you spread misinformation. There's no point in a conversation when somebody participating is clueless. Don't even bother adding to a conversation you have done no research about...
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    Holy shit people on this board are so uninformed. Jees. You are damn stupid if you're worried about 250mg of crystal DNP, which rips through fat. If you're stupid enough to take 1000g a day, then you deserve to die and AAS isn't for you. Next you're probably going to say insulin is super...
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    Jay Cutler says he doesnt use anabolic steroids

    It's funny out of all people, we're discussing Jay because numerous people have said that Jay openly talks about his gear usage when not put on the spot in front of crowds/cameras. I mean you have to take it with a grain of salt, but numerous people have said Jay talks about his cruise being...
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    How did I know you were going to link conciliator lol.
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    He screwed up. You don't use dnp while you're running heavy diuretics and DNP is not for 3-4 weeks up to the competition unless you mistimed your prep. You don't listen to your body, you die, and blaming DNP for it is incredibly stupid. Most people die from over usage of diuretics these days or...
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    Thanks XYZ for educating the ignorant. Shit is AMAZING. By far the best fat burner in existence for pure fat loss at an alarming rate. Low and slow wins out imo. The caps im currently using are 250mg or crystal which is 185mg actual dnp and I do 185 one day, 370 the other day and holy hell, it's...
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    Slin advice

    SHould be fine. I would just make sure to come off after the 10 weeks and really work towards increasing insulin sensitivity, which you can just google.
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    Slin advice

    Should you run it for 10 weeks? No. Can you without permanently hurting yourself, yeah easily. I've heard you need to be running 80iu daily for quite a while before you ever have to worry about becoming diabetic. Also, as long as you're using metformin to increase insulin sensitivity, you should...
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    Hyges VS Rips

    Stop asking for sources. Or GTFO of this board.
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    Need some advice for my friend (Anadrol, Oxybol)

    Anadrol is one of the worst candidates for oral only cycles. He'll probably be happy to keep a few pounds worth of gains. I still recommend a small regiment of clomid or toremifene if not a full pct. Something like 3 weeks of clomid at 50mg or 3 weeks of torem at 60mg. Triptorelin for 8 weeks of...
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    Tren A Question

    Probably won't help.
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    Fake tren acetate

    Biggest indicators of legit tren is tren cough and loss of cardivascular endurance imo. You get this itchyness in your lungs sometimes and it feels like your cardio goes to shit overnight
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    local UGL vs Asia Pharm, Gen-shi..etc

    Probably because he makes the most annoying plugs about his products in threads he has no business posting while bashing UGLs every chance he gets saying they'll give you a terrible abscess. But that's just my observation. :coffee:
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    Nandrolone for joint pain - Deca v. NPP

    They're the same drug, one just kicks in faster. You'll notice the same anabolic effects and joint relief with NPP. NPP is usually very mild side effect wise too and you don't get that bloated disgusted feeling that some peopel get on deca.
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    Test+Tren+Primo+Clean Diet+Cross Fit+Running+Yoga Sculpt = Ultimate Shred?

    I love your choice of the word shred followed by your training protocol of yoga, crossfit and running :roflmao:
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    Test E cycle or Test E & Tren E cycle ADVICE

    Well if the sides get bad, and you're willing to deal with feeling like shit for 1-2 weeks, here's my advice. What dose are you running? Something along the lines of 700mg test e per week 350mg tren e per week would work for mass gain. You probably want some cabergoline, prolactrone or...
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    20 year old first cycle come critique but not scold

    How did the OP even figure out he was 20%? I mean hey, if he's going to hop on the AAS boat, you might as well tell him to go all in. Throw in some tren here, some test there, maybe some anavar for good measure :roflmao:. I just question what's the point of bulking when you're already 20% bf...
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    6 week insulin run

    Yeah you're obviously not getting the point if that's what you inferred from my post. But whatever. Not going to waste more time trying to explain.
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    6 week insulin run

    This may sound crazy to you, but most people on bodybuilding boards have already accepted this. Doctors are wrong, or uninformed, or incompetent, or are excessively conservative to avoid getting their ass sued off. There is no fucking way my doctor would encourage my AAS use and just recently...
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    Is primobolan worth the price?

    It's all opinion really. Some people for example think EQ is amazing and some people think it's horse shit. Primo is so expensive though that it's extremely difficult to run it at doses that compare to other powerful anabolics. But it is relatively mild sides wise and you'll be adding quality...