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  1. Imosted

    Hagia Sophia - Istanbul

    Did you end up going to Grand Bazaar?
  2. Imosted

    Larissa Reis IFBB Pro

    hmm, i had no idea she had nudes. good find. ps she is almost naked in every single photo shoot but it is nice to see the tits and not have to imagine em, lol
  3. Imosted

    Christian Convert beheaded By the peaceful Muslims

    Are you fucking forreal? peaceful islam?
  4. Imosted

    Disturbing Movies

    Cannibal holocaust. Cannibal Holocaust (1980) - IMDb Cannibal Holocaust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Snuff film allegations The original controversy that surrounded the film's release was the belief that Cannibal Holocaust was an actual snuff film, or that the actors were murdered in...
  5. Imosted

    HGH use

    Are u thinking about competing? what are ur stats?
  6. Imosted

    Happy New Year Sale,Buy 1 Get 1 Free,Worldwide Free Shipping

    This is a great deal guys, do not miss it.
  7. Imosted

    After surgery cycle

    I agree with the above posts, take some time off the gear bro maybe 5-6 months, get some hgh or peptides.
  8. Imosted

    T3 look legit?

    I have lost 4-5 pounds of fat without changing my diet looking much leaner. added 20 min cardio ed though, i am taking 50 mcg in the morning and 25 mcg before bed. i am on 1000mg test c, 400 tren e, 450 deca for the last 5 weeks.
  9. Imosted

    T3 look legit?

    ^^^i got 1200 of those:D loving them
  10. Imosted

    AgentYes WTF?

    Did someone say Tranny:daydream:
  11. Imosted

    I lost my dick forever?

  12. Imosted

    Why Lance Armstrong keep Win!!!

    This is retarded, you are advertising your drugs using a famous person, and what is worse is you are doing it without his permission. Oh and you already did this in another thread. Hey everyone i am a internet pharmacy, i sell prescription meds without a prescription and you know what Lance...
  13. Imosted

    Generation Iron

    Did you Watch the Video? It is a new documentary about Olimpia and the top builders.
  14. Imosted

    Little red dots on my skin. Anyone get this??

    i had similar problem, it is unrelated to steroids(at least mine) it is a bacteria that i got from the gym,(similar to athletes feet) doc told me to use selsum blue and it is all gone. But i am no doctor and mine might be different. just go to your doc get it checked.
  15. Imosted

    AndroHard Gyno Reduction Experiment

    ^^^wow, someone needs a surgery.
  16. Imosted

    Generation Iron

    Generation Iron - OFFICIAL Trailer 2013 - YouTube
  17. Imosted

    Steroid Bust In NS Canada

    N.S. bodybuilding champion charged in steroid bust | The Chronicle Herald UPDATED 3:15 p.m. FridayA Nova Scotia champion bodybuilder has been charged with smuggling and trafficking steroids.The charges against Greg Austin Doucette, 37, of Halifax are the result of a two-year criminal...
  18. Imosted

    WTF is this!!!

    I agree with most, as a father i think it is a pretty awesome tat.
  19. Imosted

    Tren higher then test

    my last cycle was tren e 500mg and test 300 then upped 700 tren and 300 test(12 week), loved it, felt much better than high test low tren but everyone is different. gonna try 1000mg tren e with 250 test upping to 1.200mg tren e for a lil bit. i wanna see how it feels:D