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  1. Jodi

    Favorite Movie of All Time

    Hands down my favorite is Shawshank Redemption! Office Space has to be my favorite comedy though.
  2. Jodi


    After tonight I'm hoping for a Pat's/SF SB, Pat's win. Although redemption is always nice with a Pat's/Giants SB, Pat's win Either one, I'd be happy.
  3. Jodi


    No kidding! 34-zip, I was expecting a great game! Ass whooping today on Buffalo, that's always fun to watch a division team get their butts kicked.
  4. Jodi

    Westboro Baptists plan to protest Obama visit to Sandy Hook

    Petition to White House to legally recognize them as a hate group. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/legally-recognize-westboro-baptist-church-hate-group/DYf3pH2d
  5. Jodi


    I like this!! :winkfinger:
  6. Jodi

    Best Quarterback This Year

  7. Jodi

    Westboro Baptists plan to protest Obama visit to Sandy Hook

    Absolutely disgusting!!! These people make me sick to my stomach!
  8. Jodi

    Carb cycling or ud 2.0

    Back should be a high carb Shoulders should be low carb No carb means no carb sans veggies.
  9. Jodi

    New Diet

    What are you currently doing right now? Did you read the stickies? Lots of information in there.
  10. Jodi

    Discussion thread for thyroid patients only

    Did you just get a test done to check or have you been diagnosed with thyroid issues in the past?
  11. Jodi

    Sons Of Anarchy

    Great show! Love watching Peg Bundy again. I still can't help calling her that.
  12. Jodi

    Training while sick

    Don't train if you are sick. Your body is working overtime to recover as it is. Go for a walk if you must do something but rest is what you need most to get better.
  13. Jodi

    Carb refeed?

  14. Jodi

    gift ideas

    I always go towards items that they wouldn't normally buy for themselves. Something they really want more than need. If they need more than want, I get a visa gift card.
  15. Jodi

    Contest for the ladies!!!

    Me! I know, I can't pose lol, don't care about posing either :)
  16. Jodi

    Gregzs on Movies & Entertainment

    Fringe is awesome and will miss all of Walter's antics! The article mentioned Flash-forward, I wish they didn't cancel that show. More importantly, they effing canceled V last year!!! I thought they were doing pretty good with the show and I was pissed they cancelled it. I saw the...
  17. Jodi

    Favorite tv series

    Favorites in no particular order: Dexter (this is #1) Good Eats Breaking Bad Mythbusters Walking Dead The League Always Sunny in Philadelphia Supernatural Fringe Wilfred Son's of Anarchy Criminal Minds Falling Skies Grimm Intervention Being Human The Client List Lost Girl Gold Rush Haven...
  18. Jodi

    Breaking Bad

    Thanks for posting this as well! Kind of funny because I've never made a Facebook post about Mythbusters until yesterday when I found out Alton Brown was going to be on the show. Now within 24 hours I've made 2 post about upcoming Mythbuster episodes which features my favorite shows.
  19. Jodi

    Breaking Bad

    I love Breaking Bad and I love Myth Busters and can't wait to see this episode! I've got so many people hooked on Breaking Bad when I told them that I think it is probably the best show on television! Alton Brown is going to be on an episode of Myth Busters too! If you don't know who Alton...
  20. Jodi

    How many of you are actually saving for retirement?

    I have 401K that 7% into and increase .5 -1% with each raise I get, ESPP that I'm on the max % allowed but that's an automatic 15% return on investment, IRA from previous companies 401K programs that I've rolled over into and I invest the max allowed per year, a rental home and I have a play...