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  1. J

    AndroHard Gyno Reduction Experiment

    What's up guys, I've been dealing with annoying gyno for quite some time now. I've never taken anything for it yet, but I've been offered to use Primordials AndroHard (DHT product) for reducing gyno. I will be keeping a log on here for the length of my AndroHard 'cycle'. I will be updating this...
  2. A

    5 Week Turinabol LV/AndroHard/Winstrol

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some insight on my cycle. This is going to be my fourth cycle, but it's my first time using dry compounds. I'm already decently cut right now, but I'm looking to lose a bit more body fat while upping my strength. I have a few specific questions: -Is adding the...