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  1. Yourmuscleshop_Rep1

    20 Weeks of Intense Advanced Bulking

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  2. Yourmuscleshop_Rep1

    12 Weeks of Intermediate Cutting

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  3. YourMuscleShop

    What Does Post Cycle Therapy Mean?

    Most people take steroids in "cycles" to avoid developing a tolerance and to give (HPTA) — the hormone production control system — time to enhance testosterone production after each use. The deluge of synthetic hormones that occurs with steroid use, however, throws your body off balance. When...
  4. YourMuscleShop

    Dbol or Anadrol while bulking ? Cycle length ??

    Dbol or Anadrol while bulking ? Cycle length ?? Your Muscle Shop
  5. S

    Need help with beginner cycle

    hey, i got some questions about some product and im going to start on beginner cycle and if someone could explain me what these things do and such? (sorry about grammar from EU) :) i was looking at WP forum and the admin had a post there i was looking at and would maybe try that if isnt some...
  6. E

    Dbol Help Stopping Properly

    Hi, I think this is a simple question, I took 30mg of Dbol yesterday and 20mg today, I have decided to stop and not take any tomorrow, my friend who was guiding me on my first cycle has disappeared, what do I need to take? if anything, any help would be greatly appreciated. 36, 151lbs 15%body...
  7. jozifp103


    Purity Source Labs has just released a new cycle package called THE LUMBER JACK! This stack includes the following 7 - Euro Pharmacies Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 10ml/vial 7 ? Euro Pharmacies Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP) 100mg/ml 10ml/vial 7 ? Euro Pharmacies Masteron Propionate...
  8. jozifp103

    (PuritySourceLabs) HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED

    IN STOCK HCG also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Provigil Human Chorionic Gonadotropin 5000 iu/amp + water solution HCG is clinically used to induce ovulation and treat ovarian disorders in women, and stimulate the testes hypogonadal (underproduction of testosterone) in men. This...
  9. jozifp103


    Purity Source Labs is carrying Euro Pharmacies Proviron (Mesterolone) 25mg Euro Pharmacies Proviron (Mesterolone) contains 25mg of Mesterolone Each sealed packet contains 50 Mesterolone tablets A NICE ADDITION TO GIVE YOUR THERAPY PROGRAM A PUNCH! Mesterolone has retained its popularity...
  10. M

    How LOW can i reduce my caloric intake while cutting on Test & Tren??

    24 yrs old. 215 LB's.. about 18% bf...looking to get to around 10% How low can i reduce my calories for an extreme cut, not to worried about putting on mass. looking to maintain and lose bf i am currently eating around 2,300 to 2,500 cal per day, how low can i drop it to when i start my cycle...
  11. D

    Need Some Honest Help ife

    Hi Guys, I joined this forum because I need some HONEST advice, and I need somewhere to turn. I am 32 years old, I have some experience with anabolics about 6 years ago. I was on Sciroxx Pentadex 300 and Winstrol, and I loved it. I since moved to a small town in Wisconsin and I don't know...
  12. E

    Help please!!!?

    HEY EVERYBODY!!! I am a new member who has just recently returned to the gym.I do alot of mountain hiking, venturing into back country looking for hot springs, swimming and camping. I am an independant female who loves the outdoors....quadding, sledding, and street bikes, it was always a...
  13. S

    Testosterone Undecanoate Pack: 10 ml/vial (500 mg/ml)

    hey guys. thought i would see if any one has used this..if so how did you like it and how was the pip. also how much thinner is this than the oil base ones. also can you go with a smaller size Needle... also how do you like it over Testosterone Cypionate... ok guys was going to make a order...
  14. J

    SUPER-DMZ 2.0 4weeks

    Cycle Layout: Weeks 1-4 Super DMZ RX 2.0 2 capsules per day 1 Upon waking, 1 Pre-Bed support: strength vitapak nac suppliment organ shield Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support pct toremifene (liquid) avtivate extreme thats my plan any suggestions that i could do to improve my cycle before i...
  15. T


    Hi guys, I've actually been on this site a lot however never actually signed up. I am 22 years old 5 ft 7 weight 65kg I was one of those kids that grew very quickly at a young age and then stopped by the age of 19. I have been training solid for 3 years now and trying to eat good meals and...
  16. gettinthere

    what can I expect on my first Var cycle?

    I am about to start my first cycle of Var and would appreciate some feedback from women who have been here. It would be helpful to know what type of gains/time lines I could expect....... also, change of diet, workout routines, etc. Thanks so much in advance. Smiles, Gettinthere
  17. K

    Blood work, Small Testicles, PLEASE help

    Over the last year I have experienced a number of issues ranging from no libido, ED, and being overly emotional. I know that in some way, this probably stems from my years of steroid use . I have been doing a lot of reading on here to know that no fruitful advice can be given until their is...
  18. K

    I need some advice on my cycle

    I've been using sust for 4 weeks at 1cc and achieved awesome results but noticed my energy and intensity is not as high like it was on my 3rd week so I started doing 1.5cc of sust which gave me a little better intensity, but not as high. Side note: I realized more food helped me with the...
  19. T

    6 weeks cycle before pro fight

    Hi everyone, MY next big fight is scheduled to 6 weeks from now. Training is gonna be tough and I'm considering a little cycle through this training period. I need something to help the body recover (I train twice a day), and prolong the fatigue period as much as possible. And it cannot be...
  20. K

    2nd cycle help please

    Okay. I am currently using sustanon 250 and I pin every wednesday and saturday. I also take stanozolol three 10mg every day. My 4 week cycle(I was going to do a 8 week cycle, but I heard from various bodybuildersthatI should add two more tabs to my daily cycle) will beoverin little over two...