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  1. YourMuscleShop

    What’s your favorite cycle while bulking? please mention the total package 😉

    What’s your favorite cycle while bulking? please mention the total package 😉
  2. T

    Olivier Richters on making changes to his house because of his height. (part 11)

  3. T

    Olivier Richters on his choice if he could grow 10 cm or shrink 10 cm. (part 8)

  4. T

    Olivier Richters on what he did to get into the movie industry. (part 6)

  5. T

    Roelly Winklaar on his diet in preparation for a show. (part 5)

  6. D

    Positive effects on muscle building

    I'm using Cardarine for positive effects on muscle building. It is my 2nd week and I have to go ahead at least an 8-week cycle; like they said. Before I started this I read it's benefits and other stuff as well. As they (Proven Peptides) said It increases HDL (good) and decreases LDL (bad)...
  7. S

    Help me guys ....

    Hey folks :hiya:... need ur help !!! cn u suggest me any supplement widout any side-effects which cn help me to grow my muscles ..... :thinking::thinking: i hav already used many bt there is no growth and no profit ......... :loser::loser::loser::loser::loser: hope u guys help me...
  8. blergs.

    Why peptides you use should be from a recombinant DNA source and not a (*MUST READ*)

    Why peptides you use should be from a recombinant DNA source and not a chemically synthesized source I want to bring something up about peptides and peptide quality. I see many people going the cheap route but there is a reason that they may be simply wasting their money. That is why I wanted...
  9. SFW

    Tren night sweats contributing to electrolyte depletion and cramps?

    Could sweating Profusely @ night from tren lead to next day muscle cramps? Would breakfast alone be enough to replenish the potassium etc lost during hours of sweating or do extra measures need to be taken? I have literally doubled over from abdominal "locking" while on heavy tren cycles and...
  10. SFW

    Neomeds Free Gear Giveaway!

    1st place - 300$ in gear 2nd place - 200$ in gear 3rd place - 100$ in gear Contest is simple. 7 days, post the nicest ass of Latina or Brazillian origin (Tanned crackers may be acceptable) and win prizes shown. Store credit will be handled through Iakat and you can pick what you want through...
  11. B

    Buff Dudes?

    How many of you watch workout videos on YouTube? Me and my bro just started one, it's called "Buff Dudes" We tried to make it informative but also fast paced and funny. Take a look out our video and tell me what you think... Buff Dudes - How To Build Big Biceps / Guns / Arms - YouTube
  12. D

    Young on trt and kinda iffy..opinions needed and what to do?

    Alright, I'm 26 years old and been on trt for 8 months. First by a general practioner i was prescribed 1x shot a month of 200 mg cyp. However, i went to go see a urologist and he prescribed it EOW same, 200 mg. Let me rewind real quick, my first blood test revealed I had 131 test, really...
  13. B

    How to take EFA's

    Hi all, I am a new member of this community.This is my first post. I have been doing exercise for the last two years. My height is 178cm and weight is 80kg. I would like to increase muscle mass. I have been taking 6 meals per day. I heard that i need to take meals in the ratio as...
  14. awhites1

    Roger Huerta former UFC Streetfight

    Check it out...hope the link goes to the video ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Celebrity Video | TMZ.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Street fight in Austin TX :paddle: Roger Huerta little light weight bad...
  15. C

    anyone tried Muscle Max XL

    I have been on these for about 3 months and I was wondering if anyone else have had the same results as I have. I take in the morning and early afternoon. lots of energy HUGE boost in performance and pump. I really enjoy them. I looked in my GNC at the mall too but couldnt find them i have had...
  16. I

    how not to lose muscle mass while cutting

    My school has a weight training room, which i have been using this whole year to gain mussle mass, but im close to graduation, which means i will no longer have a free gym, intill school starts up again, so ive decided to use my summer for cutting since i am spending most of my summer by the...
  17. nicknite86

    Understanding Muscle Supplements

    Muscle Building means hard work, and like many other things in life there is no quick fix. However, hard work and dedication isn???t always the miracle solution for gaining muscle mass, because no matter how hard some people try they just can???t get the right amount of muscle or that...
  18. nicknite86

    Adding Mass to Muscle

    In this time of the year many people are interested in building muscle mass, you could see the gyms begin to pack up by January and then again in the Spring/Summer season as everyone is wanting to attain that ???Beach Body???. Due to this, you???ll see health and fitness center parking lots...