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    What is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)? When a bodybuilder uses medication(s) to restore endogenous (natural) testosterone production, this is known as post cycle therapy (PCT). A drug/diet regimen employed by anabolic steroid users to combat and decrease post-steroid hypogonadism is known as Post...
  3. YourMuscleShop

    Is tamoxifen as effective as Arimidex?

    Which one works best for Estrogen Control? Nolvadex or Arimidex?
  4. F

    Test e cycle help

    So im about to do a test e cycle would like to know if this would be ok ? this is my first steroid cycle. 500mg Test e weekly for 8 weeks 20mg Nolvadex ed post cycle for 30 days do i need to add arimidex during cycle or HCG ? also is 8 week long enough or i should do like 10 or 12 ...
  5. E

    Rookie, here! Any thoughts on my deca/test/d-bol/hcg/nolva cycle?

    Hey, everyone. I'm new to posting threads. I usually read them, and leave. I'm trying to get more serious about my training, and how/what I cycle. So please feel free to lend your advice. Before playing Football this last season, I cycled Test P/T-bol and my PCT was Nolva. It worked well...
  6. XXL

    Nolvadex... useless or useful?

    i was always taught that nolva was bullshit and not to bother with it. Obviously not during a deca cycle because it upregulates progesterone, but other than "blocking" estrogen what purpose does it serve? i read so many conflicting stories on it im not sure what to believe. For example, when on...
  7. apache51

    Cycle Advice: Test Enan, Clomid, Nolva

    Hey, Looking for some guidance towards my current cycle. Yes I know it is late in the game to be asking advice considering I have already started. 26 Years old 200lbs >10% Body Fat Easily ten years of consistent training experience This is my first cycle Training five days a week and resting...
  8. R

    I have no clue !!

    Hey freaks, I am 30yrs old, 5'10 82kg (was 75 before cycle). i was doin Deca 200mg/wk and test e 250/wk, deca for 4 weeks and test e for 8 weeks. not on my pct. i made a mistake by not getting my pct on hand with all other gears. then situation was i can't get my pct cuz my supplier is not...
  9. apache51

    Test Enanthate, Nolvadex and Clomid Cycle

    26 Years old 200lbs >10% Body Fat Easily ten years of consistent training experience This is my first cycle Training five days a week and resting but active on the other two. Nutrition is good, cook mostly all my meals at home. Always healthy My goal with this cycle is to push my own limits and...
  10. B

    Completely Revamped 10 Week Cycle & PCT

    As a result of all the responses to my first cycle, I decided to revamp it almost entirely. PLEASE chime in with any adjustments you guys think I can make to improve upon it. My First 10-Week Cycle: Weeks 1-10: 250 mg of Testosterone Enanthate 2x/week (Monday & Thursday) Weeks 1-11: 250-500 IU...
  11. Hammer925

    Nolvadex vs. Clomid

    I plan on running a cycle of M-Drol in the near future. But I can't choose weather I want to use Clomid or Nolvadex for my PCT. Any suggestions? Anyone use both and have better results with one or the other? Any input would be awesome.
  12. Hammer925

    Where can I get my hands on some Nolvadex?

    I'm looking for some Nolvadex for my PCT. I'm going on cycle very soon and I want to make sure I have all my supplements before I start. I tried looking on CEM, but unfortunatley they're out of stock. I know there are a few other posts about this topic, but the ones I seen were outdated. So If...
  13. O

    Test prop with Masteron

    I've done a couple of light cycles but I'm getting more informed (and bolder) so here goes. I'm 46, 6 foot, 210 with about 15% bf I have shoulder issues so I'm not hitting it extremely hard. I'm training to run a 1/2 marathon in December (my 5th but it's been awhile) so I think test/mast will...
  14. Y

    First Test Ethanate cycle.

    Hey guys, I'm new to injections. But I have a buddy that can get me Test Ethanate, D-bol, Arimadex and Nolvadex. Here's my stats. 20yrs old 6'2" 170lbs around 8% bf training for close to 2 years great diet I was wondering if this would be a good full cycle. (I have done d-bol previously)...