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    Scary-Good Halloween deals on HGH and IGF-1

    Ladies and Gents, We'll be closing down our store for 12 days starting October 16th for re-stocking. So we decided to start the Halloween sale earlier this year. Qtropin 100 IU's = $130 Insubolic RH IGF-1 = $130 Min order 2 vials, mix and match. Orders over $300 qualify for free shipping...
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    Qtropin HGH New Packaging

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    IGF-1 LR3 and IGF-1 DES Peptides Thoughts

    Dear ladies and gents, Gonna be sharing my thoughts on IGF-1 LR3/DES. Many websites selling IGF-1 LR3/DES peptides are referring to SIGMA Aldrich/Repligen websites : "LONG? R3 IGF-I is a recombinant analog of human insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) that has been specifically engineered for...
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    US Domestic HGH/AAS

    Hi IMF, I'm RS (roidsource.me) We've been around since 2012, known on many boards. We're US domestic supplier of AAS and HGH. One of the special products on the site is Qtropin, we've been working on getting quality, non-Asian, affordable HGH for a couple of years. Qtropin has been marketed...