Female first time clen tailoring help

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    Female first time clen tailoring help

    Hello all I am about to begin my first ever clen cycle and I??ve been doing a lot of reading but I am having trouble tailoring a plan for a non bodybuilding female like myself. I??m hoping some of you can help.

    I am 24,5??3 135lb female ?? I??m sorry but I??m not sure about bf % but although I have a good amount of muscle, there is about an 1.5+ inches of pinchable fat around all my problem areas (triceps, hips and upper thighs) if that helps.

    Ill be taking liquid clen and I am stocked up on potassium, taurine and benedryl. I have been on 30mg/day of armour thryroid for about 6 weeks and am about to up it to 60 (prescribed this for hypothyroidism).

    I currently get about 200mg/day of caffeine and take ephedrine (Primatene tablets) before workouts.

    My confusion is mostly about how much and when to take all this stuff. I??ve read some things about splitting the daily dose into two doses, on an empty stomach or not. Can I take it at the same time as the armour? How soon before workouts should I take them? At what point should I start the potassium and taurine supplements? Ideally I think I would like to do 3 weeks on clen, which I believe would mean starting benedryl in week 3 correct? Should I discontinue the ephedrine and/or caffeine during the cycle?

    Sorry for all the questions, I promise I have been trying to research it but there seems to be so much conflicting info and it all seems mostly directed at big guys! Any help anyone can give would be much appreciated and I will be glad to keep everyone abreast of results to hopefully be of help to others.

    (Also for those who are wondering I do know that diet/exercise work on their own. I workout about 6 days a week, with at least an hour of cardio each workout and strength training 4-5 days a week. I have been on a straightforward diet, focusing on healthy choices like low carb veggies and lean protein-Lots of egg whites!- but always careful calorie counting to maintain a deficit. It??s been working enough to have me losing a steady 1-2lbs/week- I was 143 when I started about 5 weeks ago. But that means I??m looking at another 7-15 weeks to lose the 15lbs I have remaining to my goal. I am hoping the clen cycle will keep that closer to the 7 week side). Thanks again!

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    Hi & welcome to IMF!

    Start by reading this: http://www.ironmagazineforums.com/fe...men-drugs.html

    There's a section on clen. It should answer most of your questions.

    A couple quick notes -

    - The only thing Benedryl will do is help you sleep. Has nothing to do w/ clen or receptors or anything. You need ketotifen.
    - Most important thing is take all your clen for the day before 3 pm so you can get some decent sleep. Most people split doses in the morning & mid-afternoon.
    - Doesn't matter if you take it on an empty stomach or not.
    - Doesn't matter when you take it relative to your thyroid medication. The two don't interact.

    All posts are for entertainment. Consult a doctor before using any medication.

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