16 Day Summer Sale from IronLion


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May 2, 2015
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Hi everybody, we carry a raw sales for 16days.

1.Raw sales ,
If the amount is 300$-499$. We offer 5% off
If the amount is 500$-999$, we offer 10% off
If the amount is 1000$-1499$, we offer 15% off,
If the amount is 1500$-2000$, we offer 20% off
2. Carrying re-ship policy, Sure great quality ,Sure Free & secure & fast shipment

3. Payment: Bitcoin or ETH or LTC or other digital currency

4. Wickr: ironlionlabs
Email: ironlion@keemail.me

5. This sale ends on August 31

6.our raw shop : www.ironlion-pharma.is
Our hgh/injectables shop : www.ironlion-lab.is