I will be starting this cycle soon. Even though I have had two successful Test cycles and PCT's and ALOT of experience with clen, I would like to hear from others regarding Letro and T3.

My test dosage will be 500-600 mg, pinning twice per week as test e is a slower esther

Clen dosage will be 2on 2off starting at 40 mcg ( been off all simulants for a long time with adrenal reset) working my way up to 140. Any higher and I will experience nosebleeds.

Dieting and training are on point and have been for 4 months seeing natural fat loss. However. I was a FAT child from 5 Y.o. Till I was 17. This left me exceptionally prone to fat gain. to put in perspective, 1 Oreo= 2 months of work, Slight exageration.

My question comes to using T3 and Letro. As stated above, I was a fat kid all my life. I was unfortunate enough to aqcuire "Pubescent Gyno" (DR's label) due to high estrogen binding that comes with morbid obesity.

I have come across several dosages for T3 but all seem that they are for advanced users. I am looking for a beginner dosage and schedule to accompany the clen use. The same goes for Letro, all advanced no beginner.

Letro will be used to fight my "pubescent gyno'
Test will be used to maintain my gains
Clen/T3 used to AID in fat loss.

PCT will be 4 weeks of nolva tapering 40/40/20/20

Diet is a carb cycling diet all consistent and clean foods. only thing that changes is measurements of the foods.
Training is as written out by my coach(former NPC competitor untill wake board acident Destroyed his knees) including adequate cardio ( fasted as i respond best to this method)

stats: 225 LBS. 6'1. 12-14 percent body fat (Electronic-pinch caliper test) age 24 nearing 25

Hope this is thorough enough but I will happily answer all question asked. any advice is appreciated!