Well Finally after 4 years of trt...you know the story, like others...I finally got put on 150mg per week about 6-7 months ago. Not EOW etc. I have had numerous labs, and have a good degree of my test lines. That aside, I see forums on anavar. Most say you keep alot of the strength and muscle gains, a very small percentage say you lose it. Some say var will shut you down, some say it won't.
Here is my questions. If your on Trt( like above ), and on Var- we will go with 50mg ED, would Var shut you down? I mean the trt already does it's negative feedback loop...My LH and FSH are garbage. However, since the trt is exogenous and in the body all the time, would this benefit the Var when coming off it? Also, what is your guy's take on Anavar on the gains and gains kept...just wanted opinions on here and thoughts with TRT.

- Yes currently have an appt to see someone for LH and FSH, Plus E2 levels. Fingers crossed on that one lol.