Test Cypoinate Trt- Watson Brand vs West Ward - Plus dilemma, and results

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    Test Cypoinate Trt- Watson Brand vs West Ward - Plus dilemma, and results

    Hi Guys and gals,

    I searched for the question I am about to ask, and ened up on a transgender page....no j/k. I simply was searching for the difference between Watson Test, and West Ward test. I am on TRT, have been for 4 years! I was getting Watson( Yes from a legit pharmacy ), and then all of a sudden I got a brand called West Ward. Now I know Test is test. However, funny thing, with west ward, I have had hair growth in places I never would grow hair, this never happened on 4 years of Watson. Other thing I noticed was some acne, like on the forearm. However, the hair growth, it's noticable to me. Only been on West Ward for 8 weeks. So, this can be considered a TRT question, but in all reality it is brand related. I take 150 mg test cyp EW.
    No joking, when doing a search for this, Transgenders were asking this question.
    I figured it was not my type of place to ask ...One thing I noticed while on west ward, muscle was hard to gain( but I did a 16lb cut in 14 weeks ) rebounding from a cut. However, he blood work. I checked my peak( personally twice ). In fact, I took two tests at the same time. One test my doc ordered and one myself. Again taken at the same time, same blood draw. One sent to me and one to Doc. Would you believe the test results were off by 80 points, with the same draw? 819- 898 TT. I have my own test, bc I check E2, RBCS, and others. Then after being on West Ward, I did another test( previous test was on West Ward brand as well ), and my test levels were above 1500...basically I don't know the number. Only time that has ever happened. I am writing this, and I know, it's long...I get it. I am doing this to show others and ask a few questions.

    TRT Dilemma:

    Well for those on TRT, I say TRT for 4 years like it is nothing, but it wasn't, it was a long ride. I first had docs once a month inject...to EOW UROS @ 200mg. Then until after about 9 months ago, finally got one to do EW. First it was 100, I respected that, but knew my peaks at 200 mg. Then it went to 150mg. I also, remember the office visits, you sit there for 45 mins. to just get a shot. Plus the drive. Well, here is my dilemma, the new doc actually had someone come out and inject me, I had to word my reasoning on not wanting to do the office thing- So someone came out- as it is a controlled substance. However, it was nice instead of doing the whole office thing, just for a 3 min jab. Well, with this, it went through a new pharmacy...please follow me on this....THEY DISPOSE THE 1 ML VIAL every 28 days. Being, they only use about half the vial( see my 150 EW ), then toss it. However, I showed them I could inject....I had to show the nurse I was capable. I pin in my quad( kinda sucks, prefer hip ). Dilemma, they will stop coming out, and just give the test to me every 28 days( for me to discard after that time )....do you see where I am going? That means I have an extra almost half vial left as now I would be self injecting. So that means I could if wanted to 400mg a week, since it is pharmaceutical practice code to discard after 28 days. I am not saying, I would do this all the time, or even will, but it is possible. I had a previous Var thread with TRT.

    So any experience with Watson vs West Ward? TRT blasting? If this was too long, just read the top for my Watson vs West Ward question. I could have made a seperate thread for TRT potential Blasting.


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    If you look closely you will see that both WestWard and Watson are one and the same, both are manufactured by HIKMA (Portugal) for export, using the same ingredients.

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