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    Blood work
    I had a physical done and while I was there i told my dr I started my own test therapy(I'm 46) I told him how great I felt and how good my gear was. He asked how much I was paying. When I told her he said that's cheap. Now with doubt in his face he said why don't we check your Test levels. So we did. I went back in a follow up. Looking at his pic, he told me how great my cholesterol and liver and kidneys were. Then he said but your tester one levels are way too high. He said "average male should be .5 - 1.4 and your levels are 11.5! I said that's perfect!
    I'm on 1.5 ml per week of h-as Sustanon only.
    I thought I would share my experience.

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    Thx to share your experience with us brother, very glad to see : )

    Biz for life!

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