Hey gents looking for some advice here,

I just purchased this bottle of 90 capsule ostErine (MK-2866) from a local supp shop. It's from Bio-Gen innovations which I believe is a new company. Not only is the difference in spelling of ostarine bugging me out but the dosage and contents of supplement facts seems off.

Serving size: 1 capsule

(2S)-3-(4-cyanophenoxy)-N-[4-cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-2-methylpropanamide) 20mg


5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin 20mg

other: gelatin (capsule), maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide

The typical ingredients I find for Ostarine are (2S)-3-(4-cyanophenoxy)-N-[4-cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-
2-hydroxy-2-methylpropanamide). As you can see the bold 2 hydroxy is not present on my bottle of Ostarine which has me worried it's a fake. Not only this but the normal dose is like 10-30mg and with the directions saying i need three servings a day that would put me far above the recommended limit and cause gyno and other unwanted side effects. Any help would be appreciated as this is my first time taking SARMS. Am i worried over nothing? Should I just listen to the salesman at the store and carry on? Are the name and contents incorrect to get by the FDA? So confused. Thank you for any input and if you need more info feel free to ask.