There’s a simple and effective way to prevent Tren from crushing your cardiovascular endurance. I’ve turned many bros onto this over the last few years, and it works every single time. It’s dead simple, cheap, and completely legal, too.

Ready for it? Nasacort or Flonase. Can be had OTC at any pharmacy, or even by prescription.

Tren actually causes a low grade allergic reaction that causes inflammation in the airway. The nasacort fights the mechanism that causes the reaction and will allow you to breathe like normal while running as much Tren as you can handle. All the BJJ guys local to me that use AAS are using Tren now, because of this. Just follow the directions on the box and you’ll be gtg in no time. Preferably, start it a few days before the cycle to give it time to take effect. Personally, I prefer Nasacort to Flonase because Nasacort has no alcohol or added scents in it, so it doesn’t burn or smell weird.

Cheers gents.