great sales( order one to get one free kit)

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    great sales( order one to get one free kit)

    Hi everyguy
    To welcome REHH to be newest one of rep groups. We do a special sales:
    Order one to get one free kit, the time will last two weeks, it will end on Nov.24.
    When you place your order, pls let?s know the Code?REHH? to enjoy this special sales.

    A .) Sales

    1.)Orange top puretropin hgh(10iu/vial)
    Order one to get one free kit
    (mini-order is 2kits, , for example: if you order 2 kits to get 2 free kit, you pay 200x2=400 to get 2+2=4kits , and so on )

    2.)Grey top puretropin hgh(15iu/vial)
    Order one to get one free kit
    ( if you order 1kit and you will get 1 free kit .=pay 310$ to get 1+1=2kits。
    If you order 2kits and you will get 2free kit.=pay 620$ to get 2+2=4kits, and so on )

    If the amount of Raw Order is above 500$, we offer 20% off.

    (B.) Payment:Bitcoin( if you can?t pay by bitcoin and pay by western union, we will charge extra fee 50$ ),
    (C.) Time:two weeks(end on Nov.24)
    (D.)You can place your order by email or by wickr or by PM
    (E.)Sure shipment,carry reship policy.
    (F.)when we get payment, the packs will be shipped within 2days,
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    Contact us:
    Wicker: ironlionlabs
    Supplying Best Quality HGH & Raws & Injective Best Service!

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