Results = execution and consistency.

No two things are more important to achieve results period.

Now, your plan does play a role but, it doesn't matter if it's not consistently executed.

A half ass plan works better then a perfect plan if it's executed to perfection and the perfect one is not.

This isn't just bodybuilding but most things in life. The people who work their ass off day in and out typically are more successful then those who coast by.

You think CEO'S of giant corporations got there by half assing it? Nah, the personality traits found in these type of people are usually cut throat workaholics who will do anything to succeed. They have their goal and they do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Let's stop worrying about if your plan is perfect and your gear is perfect.

Let's start focusing on destroying the simple things days in and out. Eating and training. Those are easy. If you can't do that, you don't need more variables in your plan, you need less.