In stock, updated on 24th February.
Superdrol 25g
Sidelafil 4000g
Dianabol 700g
Stanozolol 100g
Anadrol 100g
MK 677 10G
7 TB 500 5mg
84 Melanotan2 10mg
10 GHRP-2 5mg
10 DSIP 5mg
11 cjc with dac 2mg
19 Ipamorelin 5mg
HGH black tops bulk in stock
HGH blue tops bulk in stock
HMG 75iu bulk in stock

On the way, will arrive in 6-10 days.
10kg test e (2kg sold)
10kg test c (1kg sold)
2kg sustanon
1kg deca (1kg sold)
500g tren e (200g sold)
500g tren a (100g sold)

We will ship more raws soon.