Since 2004 when we first established, we've been constantly offered to our customers PREMIUM brands, TOP products, 24/7 customer service, promos, discounts and we've tried to offer the best customer experience.. to build the trust between we and our customers. We want and we do keep the TOP SERVICES for our customers. Anything can go wrong at some point, but we are here to solve any issue that can appear. With a user friendly ticketing system you can get in touch with us immediately and we'll provide all the info you need.

From the very beginning, we've implemented the RESHIP POLICY GUARANTEE so our customers can rest assured that their money are safe and they will get what they paid for, ALWAYS!

Our website was updated to improve the customer experience, all the details added on products pages, real and updated pics and description / suggestion about products usage.

Be reassured that you're on good hands and... Let us be your trusted source!


Thank you,
OSGear Team