10 reasons why you should consider WWW.BLACKROIDS.COM

1- Experience
We, at Blackroids, are a team of AAS enthusiasts working in this business for more than 10 years. We are always proud and happy to share our knowledge with others in a real passionate community.

2- Best prices and rewards

We are running long term discounts until 30%, with a few brands and some special discounts several times a year. On top of that you can also enjoy our loyalty system including a Virtual Wallet giving you 20% cash back on every purchase you pay on Blackroids. Yes, 20% lifetime, with no minimum order, and from the first order you place! Also check our referral system giving you 15% on your sponsored orders. Your Virtual Wallet allows you to pay your next order with the cash-back accumulated! Stay tuned not to miss any of our recurrent contests and special promos.

3- Safe and reliable shipping

We are working directly with all our warehouses and you can trust their experience in getting your package delivered to you safely and in the shortest delays. You can also opt for our shipping insurance at checkout and feel 100% confident in getting your order.

4- Data privacy and security

We use the best encryption and security to protect your personal data, from your user registration such as for you billing and shipping data. We never sell or use your data to anyone else than the mandatory third parties required for delivering your order.

5-Free cycle advice

Even if you are not a customer yet, you can ask our experts, professional trainers and competitors, for advice about how to use our products and for some help building your dedicated cycle.

6-Only quality products

We pay a particular attention to the quality of our products. Most are given with a lab test report on our website, and we only work with trusted and reputed warehouses. We only sell authentic certified products, verifiable on the official websites of the brands. We also try as much as possible, to get feedback from many of our customers to be sure everything is perfectly fitting their expectations, from shipping to product performance and quality.

7-Variety,global coverage and availability

We work closely with all our warehouses around the world to ensure all products are always in stock, delivered fast, and that you can find anything you are looking for.

8-Customer service and reps

Our support team and our reps are always doing their best to answer any question. Whether you are asking for pre-sale information or having any question about your account or any order, we usually reply within a few hours through our top-notch ticket system. We are thinking our business with a real approach to customer satisfaction.

9-Reviews and transparency

Check our reputation on many specialized forums and you will see how happy our customers are. As really passionate hard workers, all the great reviews about us are our gasoline so we always try to comply to all our customers’ expectations.

10- Technology

Blackroids is not yet another AAS online shop, Blackroids is a fully automated Web2.0 generation website, using the best and most secure components, modules, and technology available on Internet, our Cryptocurrency payment system is fast, reliable, 100% anonymous and secured + you will enjoy our new virtual wallet cash-back credits and a powerful fully automatic referral system.

From Blackroids Staff