George Peterson Shares His Secrets For A Wide Back

George Peterson is a massive bodybuilder and one of the best in the industry. But what he might be best known for is his extremely wide and massive back. Many have said that competitions are won from the back. While the entire aesthetic and physique of the body must be presentable – may fans (and some say judges) can be most swayed by a powerhouse back. In our latest GI Exclusive, George Peterson shares the specific tactics he’s developed to build a massive back.

Many of you have probably seen or felt a moment like this. The competitors are battling on stage and you’re not quite sure who has the upper hand. They all look fantastic. It’s going to be a close battle. Then suddenly, the mandatory back poses are performed. You’re floored. One bodybuilder stands out with a mammoth batwing back. It envelops all others. You now clearly have a favorite to win the night.

This situation is not uncommon. A well built back is one of the most eye catching muscle groups in a bodybuilding competition. Some even believe that the back is the linch pin to victory. You can be lacking in some small areas so long as your back is supreme.

Some judges, coaches, and gurus have warned against this. That a true champion is a master of their body from head to toe. While this is likely true as a whole – culturally it’s clear that bodybuilding fans love to see a massive and wide back.

That’s why during our conversation with George Peterson, we asked him to share his tips for how to take your back to the next level. Peterson is well known for having one of the most impressive backs in the sport. So what kind of unique insights can he provide to help others chase the glory he’s obtained?

George Peterson was more than happy to share his tactic. He, in fact, shared it with a grin. He explains the key tactics that he has always done whenever working out on back day. It sounds simple – but it’s a focus on muscle movement and mind-muscle connection. It’s that special extra awareness with every rep that can make or break your progress from good back to supreme back.

George Peterson explains that with every single rep of every single back workout you perform. It’s important to stretch wide your chest as full as possible. That’s what George Peterson does. He makes sure that he widens his chest at the peak of each exercises movement. He wants to feel every single back muscle working to achieve each rep.

It doesn’t sound like much – but what is important is to be vigilant throughout the entire workout. It’s easy to go into auto pilot after months of training. Or perhaps, towards the end of your workout you are so exhausted that your mind wanders. George Peterson ensures that he takes his time to stretch full with every rep. It can’t be ignored. It has to be included through to the very end for every workout. Period.

Also in this video, George Peterson details how he does seven back exercises in his workout. “The back is a big set of muscles,” Peterson states in our interview. It requires a lot of attention. He also breaks down his full routine when in competition prep mode. You can follow his full routine from morning to night.