RECON PEPTIDES - Product List and Ordering Instructions! Must See!!!

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RECON LIST and Ordering Instructions

How to order:

How to Pay:

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Product list (In Alphabetical Order)

Research Chems

-1,3 dmaa
-Cabergoline aka Dostinex aka Cabaser (WOW!)
-GW-501516 (Sarm)
-Helios (INJ clen)
-L-Arginine/L-Citrulline Blend
-LGD-4033 (Sarm)
-Methyl B-12
-Rad-140 (Sarm)
-S4 (Sarm)
-Tadalafil (cialis)
-Tamoxifen (nolva)
-YK-11 (Sarm)


-BAC Water (10mL)
-BPC 157
-CJC 1295
-DSIP (delta sleep inducing peptide)
-HGH Fragment
-IGF-1 (1-3)
-Insulin Syringes (sold in packs of 10)
-MOD-GRF 1-29
-PEG- mgf
-Thymosin Beta 4 (aka TB500)


-Kratom RED
-Kratom YELLOW
-Kratom GREEN
-Kratom WHITE

(sell in various sizes)

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