Vitamin D and corona | Less chance of infection, illness and death
And again a scientific medium publishes a meta-study that concludes that an adequate vitamin D level protects against the corona virus. This meta-study is the work of Mohammad Rizki Akbar, an Indonesian researcher affiliated with Universitas Padjadjaran.

Akbar collected 14 studies, involving a total of 999,179 study participants - almost a million. In these studies, fellow researchers looked at the effect of a low vitamin D level of 20-30 nanograms per millilliter or lower on covid-19. Akbar collated the results of the studies and re-analyzed them.

A low vitamin D level initially increased the chance of getting covid-19, the chance of a serious infection and the chance of death by a factor of 2.7, 1.9 and 3, respectively.

Akbar notes that low vitamin D levels can be the result of illness, causing people to go outside less often or not at all. This might explain part of the association between vitamin D and covid-19. Follow-up research that explicitly takes this possibility into account should clarify the 'true' effect of vitamin D.Conclusion
"Low serum 25-OHD levels was shown to be associated with higher infection rate, severity, and mortality", Akbar summarizes the results of his meta-study. "Whether the relationship is causal remains to be investigated."

"Vitamin D supplementation is economical and potentially beneficial. Thus, it is recommended to provide supplementation to the vitamin D deficient patients."
"Nevertheless, high quality randomized controlled trials are required to determine whether routine vitamin D supplementation will be useful."
Front Nutr. 2021 Mar 29;8:660420.