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Basicstero BW Total Test 4270 @ 800mg ew


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Jul 5, 2011
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Basicstero / Basicstero BW Total Test 4270 @ 800mg ew

Another basicstero logger was kind enough to do a midcycle blood work.
Reposed from ASF:
1-16 Test Cyp 800mg/week
1-14 Deca 500mg/week
1-6 Dbol 40mg/day
10-16 Tbol 40mg/day

Total Test levels came back at 4270

Last pin was on monday morning. Blood was drawn Wednesday around 11am, was taken fasted.

Taking 25mg Aromasin ED, but waited until after bloods were taken that day to take my dose.

Also had my Prolactin taken just to be sure as this is my first time taking Deca and I've been worried. Been dosing Prami ED @.5ml. Not sure if Prolactin@7.5 is good or bad. Surprised at how low my liver values are as last time they were in the low 100s.

Source: http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.co...ro-s-lab-results-TEST-C-800mg-week#post794573

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Anaboliclab. Com slot of pharmacom gear is undersides by 20-25%. I was going order some of their mixes which look pretty good but for that price and most fear being slight undersides I ended u ongoing with jintan
lot of pharmacom gear is undersides by 20-25%

Please revise your data:

1 out of 13 pharmacom products tested at ~24% less than it should have
1 tested at ~17% less
2 tested at ~10% less
Rest of products tested within +/- 5% to include one that was overdosed by ~10%
Ive been trying to order from basicstero because I?ve never tested phamacon and I now only order domestic, but when I try they are out of everything (which is a good sign) and end up ordering elsewhere , I?m checking their stock dally hoping some things will come back in stock.
I just got my bloods checked while on another ugl and I wish I could say my levels were as high, back when axio was a good UGL my levels were at 6100, I felt like Superman.
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