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Bench press 315x16

Very nice man
Thanks everyone I've been working hard now if I could just get my squat up!!
Holly shit I gotta get my ass in gear. I can do 315 three times four once this is true motivation.
That's no joke bro. Impressive.

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Thanks everyone I hit 475 last week on bench and hoping to hit 315 for 20 or more in next few weeks I'll post vids along with other workout vids in this section. Thanks for the kind words.
Very nice. I did 315x12 no spotter once upon a time, probably could have gotten 14 or 15 at my very peak.
Thanks man. That's good with no spotter. I've been dealing with some shoulder issues but hoping to post some more bids soon
impressive. well done sir. motivational! its amazing what the human body can accomplish.
Very impressive. Last week I got 405 for 2 ..then 4 sets of 315 of 8...I feel weak ..but for real great power man.
Thanks guys. I was wanting to put some new vids up cause bench was going really well but unfortunately I didn't take any and I just tore my distal bicep tendon so now I won't be getting any new vids up just surgery.