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Blood test for TRT


Apr 11, 2010
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Hi, I've been on TRT for 5 months now. Started with gels, then Nebido, now on Test-e 250 weekly. My doc has asked me to get bloods done. What are the things I should make sure are tested.
Any help would be gratefully accepted.
your doc should give you an order for test. there is a sticky in anabolic section about blood tests. im going to see doc about trt next week already been tested and i'm low just wondering what your experience has been like so far positive effects and negative? 250 a week sounds like where i would like to be but i've been lead to believe thats kinda high how did you get that much?
You should get a script for bloodwork from your doc
Cant do that Doc has me on Test-e 250 eow, but i self administer @ 250 ew so getting bloods done free at a local clinic. I just wanted to make sure they test me for all the right things.
Check privatemdlab.com and look at the "Hormone Panel for Females" or "Hormone Panel for Males"...

These test on the wesite should have all your basis covered as far as what you need or give you a idea what you need...

Good luck!
Thanks for the replies chaps. I feel better now.