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Crazy Autumn sales for two weeks


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Apr 6, 2016
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IML Gear Cream!
HGH-----------Puretropin hgh Sale Details:

Order 3 kits to get 2 kits free---(pay 3x200=600 to get 3+2=5kits)

1.) If you add an extra 100 bucks, you will get 1 kit, (600+100)=700 for 3+2+1=6kits

2.) If you add an extra 200 bucks, you will get 2 kits, (600+200)=800 so 3+2+2=7kits
and so on. Not to complicated. Every hundred you add after the original deal gets you another kit. There is no limit on how many you can add so feel free to take full advantage of this great discount guys.
HCG------Pharm grade(water+powders)

Order 3 kits to get 1 kits free---(pay 3x210=630 to get 3+1=4kits)


If the amount of order is 500$------------1000$, we will offer 20% off.
If the amount of order is 1001$-----------------2000$ we will offer 30% off.

B.)Email or PM for transaction options.

C.)Shipping : Free!!

D.)Reship policy: we have a reship policy.
If your order is seized by authority you will get 100% free reship with proof. Proof is the seizure letter you would received. You will need a new address also. We will not reship to the same address that a previous package was seized from!!!

E.) Contact information:

1)Email: ironlion@securenym.net

2.)Wickr: ironlionlabs

3.)Wire: ironlionlabs

F.)Time: Two weeks( It will end on Sep 15).

G.) include the code IMF in your email or you will not receive this deal!

Important notice: when you place your order, if you do not complete your end of the transaction within 48hours, we will cancel the order . So don't order until you are ready on your end.
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Few more days left

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