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Does ginger help with weight loss?

Derek Wilson

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Oct 28, 2017
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Ginger tastes good (I love the pickled ginger that comes with sushi) but ginger has no magical properties that melt body fat, sorry. Zero. Zip. Nada.

The only way to lose excess stored fat is to consume fewer calories each day than you burn each day, and exercise more each day.

It really is that simple, and that difficult.

So, first calculate your individual Basal Metabolic Rate, which is the number of calories you burn on an average day, then reduce your daily calorie intake to be 500 calories LESS THAN your BMR, and gradually add in more exercise, and you?ll average about a pound-and-a-half of stored fat loss per week.

There are BMR calculators on the Internet, which give you a general estimate of your BMR, but if you want a more accurate BMR then you?ll need to get tested at a facility that has the equipment to do that, and a trained technician. I had mine done at a hospital during a day-long physical. I was told I have the BMR of a hibernating sloth.

And, there are a lot of good apps available now, many are free, that can help you calculate and track your daily calorie intake, remind you to exercise and track the calories you burn exercising, which are really helpful for staying under your calorie limit.