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Euro-Pharmacies' products LOG (the best or nothing)

Blood was taken after 5 weeks. I was already with the same products, at different dosages.
On Friday morning. 48 hours after testosterone, before Friday injection.

The cycle:

No AI.
In addition I take 100 mcg T4 every night.
my thyroid is not working, so euro-pharmacies T4 does its dirty work. 100 mcg is for me a therapeutic dose.

It is clear that trenbolone has been identified as E2. Too bad, not having the correct value.

By dividing 200 mg over 4 injections of 50, blood levels remain more stable and there are no spikes.
Total test seems like a perfect trt to me, maybe even 50 mg more.

I'm surprised at the total cholesterol. never had my cholesterol so high. it is generally around 150.
all other values are in the norm of my bloodworks.
ast, alt ggt "high" but also due to training, in line with all the other times as already mentioned.
I have a new scale.
I know perfectly well that, apart from the weight, all the other values are very stoned...25%bf...yes of course...perhaps perhaps without the 2 in front!?

anyway, from today i will use this to see the progress
IML Gear Cream!
rump made on plate,
oil and salt at the end
yesterday I fasted, today and tomorrow no carbohydrates

Here we are
New month, New opportunities.

Weight: 170-175 lbs


250 mg/week as TRT

1 ml (50 mg) tbol injectable
+ 30 mg orally

30-40 mg split during the day
morning, pre-workout, pre-sleep
Same for oral tbol

Doses can be adjusted over time depending on the effects and above all on the side effects.

In a month I'm considering adding stenbolone, perhaps removing one of the two orals and finally having only stenbolone.
will decide with time.

All gear are Euro-Pharmacies distributed by PuritySourceLabs.ru
tbol was my first aas
I fell in love with it from the first week
I have always seen my trapezius grow in the past when I have used the M1T.
Everything else too obviously, but the trapeze especially.
I have therefore decided that I will train the trapeze 2 times a week on Mondays and Thursdays and let the M1T do its magic.
I've always liked the trapezius muscle, but mother nature was stingy with me
reduce tbol to 70mg ED
too many orals, they're taking away my hunger.
I add mk677 one pill in the morning
Euro-Pharmacies PSL Test 250 mg/week BLOODWORK

Test ISO 250 mg Week
Tbol 70 mg ED
M-1-T 30 mg ED

No AI or Sermt

All euro-pharmacies supplied by PuritySourceLabs.ru

Blood drawn 48 hours after the last test injection.