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Euro-Pharmacies' products LOG (the best or nothing)

I know, it's not very inviting.
but here is everything you need.

120 gr carbs 480 kcal
60 gr protein 240 kcal
10 gr fat 90 kcal
tot 810 kcal

Hunger completely zeroed.
Stomach KO.
Lethargy skyrocketing.

Too much for me.
Some time ago I tolerated orals better... I'm getting old too.

By the end of the week I finish the bottle of tbol and take it all off.

A small test-only cruise follows to rebalance everything and then I start with the first phase of cutting with...
hehehe stay tuned and you will find out.
(actually I still have to decide and organize I have 4-5 products on the plate)
It's been a while since I posted some turkey
With the new month/week I will start the new cycle.

dhb and sten at 50 mg/ed then in 4-5 weeks i will up them to 75 mg/ed

I don't know yet if I'll go up to 1ml each...so much stuff

Sunday is Easter, I'll be away for 2-3 days.
I don't want to have thoughts, to carry bottles, needles, syringes, etc. and I don't want yo-yo (stenbolone acetate is a short ester).
I will therefore start cycle next week.
put a life in color
put color in life
(go vegan)

IML Gear Cream!
today test and dhb, "first" injection.
Stenbolone starting after Easter Monday
after eating goat and lamb, after Easter we go back to old habits: horse :D

meanwhile today
fat 26
Carbs 278,48
Pro 242
Kcal 2319

1/2 ml test E + 1/2 ml DHB + 1/2 ml Sten

What I found in the Easter Egg

1 X Salbutamolex
1 X Viagrax
1 X Cialix
1 X Clomixin
1 X Advanced Cardio (Cardarine 2.0)
1 X Cardio Agent (Cardarine)
2 X Super recovery (Ibutamoren)
3 X IGF 1-LR3
3 X Melanotan II
1 X Raloxifex
2 X TRT Plus
3 X Masteron Enanthate
3 X Testosterone Enanthate
3 X Testosterone Undecanoate