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Euro-Pharmacies' products LOG (the best or nothing)

IML Gear Cream!
add eq.. then I'm sure that providence will bring more

scheduled appointment for blood draw.
I do it in a different place than last time.

I only take testosterone and estradiol.
I hope to have an uncapped testosterone test this time
Tuesday morning, "last" testosterone E injection 125 mg before scheduled blood draw for 48 hours after (Thursday morning).
Taken blood.

With today my cycle ends.
As soon as I finish the two bottles of sten and dhb (matter of a few days yet) it will be time to switch products.

The choice for the summer is almost always the same.
This year in addition, as you may have already guessed, EQ.
Probably some anavar too

all the details soon.
IML Gear Cream!
I did bloodpwork for the umpteenth time.
Last time testosterone was capped.
Cycle is always the same.

Cycle that I recommend everyone to try.
Just as I strongly advise everyone to get bloodwork and keep themselves monitored.
What's more, PSL will pay you for it! What more do you want?

Here are the results:
My new injectable clenbuterol minilog (powerful, take with caution)
I will continue with this main log in a few days

DHB and Sten are finished :(
luckily inj clen keeps me alive
I forgot: I will also continue with EQ
Final considerations

DHB and Stenbolone, taken individually are fantastic.
Merged together they become 3x better.

I know we are all different and everyone has their own loved products however I would recommend this cycle to everyone.
Zero side, many results. Hardness and fullness.

EP DHB is completely pip free, mixed with other oil it becomes even smoother.
Stenbolone would virtually be the steroid I would choose if I had to pick just one (testosterone aside).

I take advantage of the situation and I also take this opportunity to remind everyone to take bloodwork and keep themselves monitored.

Last but not least, thanks to all of you in the forum who read and support my logs.
Thanks to Vision and all the PSL team. You are a second family to me.

my day starts like this:
lemon and grapefruit blended

IML Gear Cream!
I'm pretty sure none of you do this
Clove of garlic, a pinch of salt, extra virgin olive oil.

Garlic purifies you to the core of your soul, it also removes the original sin.

Salt, or rather, sodium is an essential mineral for our body

Evo oil is an excellent fat

chicken, beef and salmon
zucchini and carrots
salt, apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

"my diet is 100% on point".

How many times have I heard this phrase.
Here on the forum, in the gym...and worse, by people who don't train and have a belly 3 sizes bigger than it should be.

Junk foods, processed, packaged, full of crap.

Let's be clear, guys, it's not a criticism of anyone in particular.
Just a post to remind everyone that diet is the first fundamental point to achieve the physique you love so much.

100% on point does not exist.
The perfect diet does not exist.
There is always something to be monitored, changed, evaluated and perfected.

Your body changes, your age changes, your metabolism changes… let's add steroids, and other drugs.
You can't go on a diet and plan on following it forever.

The choice of foods, the quantities, the timing
Choose fresh foods, cook them yourself.
Fresh meat and fish, no boxes
Fruits and vegetables for vitamins, fiber.
Rice and complex carbohydrates, forget simple sugars.

Don't forget about water and minerals (mostly sodium and potassium).

Stop blaming others for your failures.
Stop blaming fake or underdosed steroids
If you don't get results it means that there is something wrong with what you are doing.
Take a step back. Start by reevaluating your diet.
an underrated and little-used product which, on the other hand, works and gives amazing results.

what's better than salbutamol after taking excellent clenbuterol?

I can see you... yes, you..
you who flow in my blood, through my veins.
You have taken possession of them and made them your home.

can I see you. BOLDENONE