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Who wants those things banging between legs.

Will HCG bring back the balls of somebody on long term TRT?

All my life I could never understand how guys could not wear under ware. I had two golf balls banging between my legs all the time if I sat down the wrong way it was uncomfortable. Now days since I start my TRT 4 years ago they don't hang down and giving me grief. They are about half the size they were and never cause any discomfort. Still have sex twice a day maybe not as much cum as before but that's a maybe. I am sure my sperm level is way down to nothing but at my age more kids are not in the plans.

The great thing about TRT is the cycle never ends.
I bought my hcg from alldaychemist, they carry a brand named Corion. Its made in Switzerland. I got a years worth for $100.00 shipped. I will start using it this week and it has good reviews. My doc would have given me a script but ins wont cover it and its damn expensive.

Looks like alldaychemist no longer carries HCG. Any insight on that?
damn bigmoe ! you got everybody all excited too...lol
This is the info I got from ADC regarding hcg. too bad.

you: why dont you have hcg anymore? I dont see it on the website.
John: we no longer deal in HCG
John: There is some issues related to this product and our Banks are not allowing us to sell this product
you: what issues?
John: I regret but right now i have only that information about that.
you: will it be for sale agian in the future?
John: No.
you: thank you. have a nice day.
^^well that sucks

thanks for the update brotha
I readed on here something about alldaychemist scaming cc's numbers or somthing like that. I dont know first hand but worth looking into before ordering.

I have had no probelms Knock on wood
IML Gear Cream!
You should expect get your pro card after your first good cycle. Reality is, you will get it up again and not be as tired as you used to be. When I started it was near a miracle and made me feel young again by twenty years or more. Good luck. Stay big my friend.