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FARMA*TON FAQs - Ordering, Payments, Shipping & Contact


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Mar 4, 2022
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Get Shredded!

1. Visit: https://www.farmaton.shop
2. Select your items by adding them to your cart.
3. Complete order form & submit *(PLEASE do not use fake names that may alert your Delivery Person, like "Tom Brady" or "Spider Mann")*
**(The order form requires a phone # - feel free to put anything in that field like "800-999-9999")**
4. You will be contacted with BTC transfer instructions. (BTC/Bitcoin is our only payment form, this is for everyone's privacy & security.)
5. NO minimum - Order only what you need (shipping averages $20-$25 depending on region).


1. Complete BTC transfer to Farmaton as instructed ASAP - the sooner you pay, the sooner we ship!
(and within 24 hours please.)


1. ALL items are shipped LOCALLY - You never risk customs!
2. Once an order is PAID, Items are shipped the following BUSINESS day (M-F, except National Holidays).
3. Average T/A times depending on location: 4-8 Business Days. (M-F, except National Holidays).
4. TRACKING #S are a security risk, they will be given in the event of a delay outside the stated delivery estimate.

1. Our website has a chat feature. (Staffed daily, you may experience a delay during heavy traffic times, we WILL get back to you.)
2. Email : UndisclosedFT@Protonmail.com
(Questions only, no orders are accepted by email - please use website order form)
3. ASF Private Message.

Thank You for reading, we look forward to the opportunity to earn your business!
- FT