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Gr Now Selling Primo Ace (Balkan Primobol 50mg)


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Oct 24, 2013
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Get Shredded!
This is an epic oral for you females out there.... Especially ones that want to experience primo but unsure about possible side effects that could occur with the long estered injectable primo e...If you experience clitorial enlargement/sensitivity and or hair loss with primo-e it could take weeks after stopping for everything to go back to normal, but With oral primo ace the sides will disappear after a few days, and you can simply reduce the dose and carry on.

Or for the guys that want a kickstart to their primo e blast, this is a great way to get the "primo look" going from the get go of the cycle .. Now there is no need to wait for the primo e to kick in.

Everyone likes to disregard primo ace because of its "high cost", but I find this very affordable. 30mg a day of Balkan Var for 20 days will cost $105.00 where as 50mg a day of Balkan Primo Ace for 20 days rings up at $90.00. Beat that

Balkan is as legit as they come and produce some of the highest quality orals and injectables we have available to us performance enhanced athletes. Feel very confident when ordering this brand.

Check it out:


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