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How does everyone make their protien shakes?


Jul 8, 2003
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South Carolina
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I try to drink my protien shake twice a day but its just so damn nasty any tips on how to make a good shake. oh i use unflavored so any little quick recipies that i could put protien in so i could alternate between that and the shake would be AWSOME!
:barf: Unflavored :barf:

That would be why they are nasty. :lol: Strawberries, blueberries, natty PB, instant decaf coffee, flavored extracts. :)
switch to a flavored that mixes easily with milk / water?
is that an option?
well i used to drink the vanilla shakes but then they got so old!I cant even smell choclate or i get sick that goes for all choclate so i guess i suck!thanks though!
strawberry? Banana?
Or just mix up the ral fruits w/ your plain shakes...
mix Pb, or almond butter to you'r shake!
I just bought some vanilla protein mix so i'll start with that! Someone told me to mix a tablespoon or two of jello pudding mix and some milk i've done that and it isnt bad does anyone else do that? Thanks for all the help!
Just be careful of the milk if your cutting, I wouldn't worry otherwise. 12G Sugar per C.
Geez, Optimum Nutrition chocolate is so damn good I could write a book about it, I love it. I throw in a raw egg, sometimes two - thats about it. I will admit that I am using milk once again but only recently, even with water its friggin great. I use warm water and its like, well chocolate!
IML Gear Cream!
I like the idea of mixing sf pudding powder into a shake. how good would that be???

Also, there is a brand that makes sugar free products such as syrups and dressings, and I know they make sf chocolate syrup. I just can't remember the name of it. Publix once sold this stuff, but now I can't find it anywhere. It tastes friggin' great and is No-Calorie/No-Carb.
Have started using a powder called Muscle Power, which contains Whey concentrate, Soya Isolate and Creatine, and it's damn good stuff, when I remember pour in a little double cream, then it takes really damn good, pretty weird considering that I use water and not skimmed milk in the shakes
meant Caesin not creatine
Don't those pudding powders, fat-free/sugar-free or not, have hydrogenated oils that are nothing more than saturated fat when they hit your blood stream?
Add hemp oil to shake it gives it a nutty taste better then peanut butter with out all the sugar : )
the sugar in the PB?

3/4 cup frozen blueberries
3/4 cup frozen whole strawberries
1/2 cup of milk (I prefer whole)
1 cup of ORANGE gatorade (has to be orange)
1.5 scoops of vanilla whey
4 ice cubes


Thank me later
IML Gear Cream!
PVL Whey Gourment (GNC sells it) has an awesome line of protien powders, couldn't drink them anymore unitl I tried thier line, try the Cran Raspberry Cooler, it tastes similiar to Gatorade. They also have a huge range of flavors, iced tea, etc.
for me its 1 orange-banana-strawberry juice + 3 different frozen fruits and protein, taste is amazing,
2 cups of ice,
1 teaspoon of BANANA EXTRACT,
2 scoops of protein,
2 packets of splenda,
half a cup of water.
I blend it in a blender & ITS " OFF THE FREAKIN CHAINNNNNN"
Tastes like a banana shake when you add the extract !!!
I use a straw & it gives me the feeling of getting a SONIC BANANA SHAKE !
1.5 scoops "Isoflex" whey protein isolate
1/3 (or so) cup whole oats
1 tbsp Udo's oil
1 banana
1 cup water
1 cup 1% or 2% milk

blend the hell out of it