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I thought pharmacon closed


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Mar 5, 2018
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I was told they shut down about 2 years ago
Basicstero is Pharmacom Labs direct store.
This source is the actual brand/manufacturer direct store. Everyone else are/were resellers (retailers).
Pharmacom Labs and Basicstero have never shut down -- this source has been going strong for a long-time.

You may be confusing the brand/manufacture with reseller/retailers.
The manufacture/lab never stopped producing their products, but some resellers with names similar to the manufacturer may start and stopped carry the brand over time.

It is like if the manufacturer/brand is Nike.
A customer may order from Nike's online store or Nike outlet.
Or, a retailer/reseller such as Walart, Footlocker, Target, Khols etc. may have Nike brand products for sale.

Resellers/retailers may have carried Pharmacom Labs brand products, then stopped; and, may again carry them in the future -- but they are not the manufacturer -- they are retailers.

Basicstero is the only direct from manufacturer Pharmacom Labs store.

Basicstero is Pharmacom NOT a reseller.
Please understand, other dealers, including official dealers, are retailers/resellers. Pharmacom Labs may have/had business arrangements with retailers/resellers but
Basicstero is the direct retail store to purchase genuine Pharmacom Labs products.
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