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I want free gear!


5'10 - 238lbs.
Apr 1, 2011
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IML Gear Cream!
GXR/Naps should hold some kind of contest for some free gear! Sign petition here!:winkfinger::winkfinger:
hhmmmmm might be able to pull something out.

Hell ya GXR, I knew you'd be willing to do something here.:winkfinger: I just wanna see this place live!!:ohyeah:
ha, what are you kidding. Hell yea ide like some free gear!
Free gear contest ftw!

Especially free GP gears ;)
Ok lets try this again, i deleted all the non sense please keep that in the anything goes section :D
paper, rock, scissors? :loser2:
:coffee:how about we start here what will the prize be for the winner of the contest? and then we could brainstorm:coffee: about what kind of contest to have:coffee:
i choose fist. beats rock, paper and scissors. but id like some free gear too. and naps does rock, a little longer usually, but great gear at great prices. worth the wait.
I'm in.

How about design the best summer cut cycle and win that cycle!! Too subjective? Perhaps. Whatever, do it anyway!!
best, most informative article on why gear should be legal.
even though pick a number isnt bad. Gear lottery is about a company giving free gear to there customers. Not earning gear. I think a stipulation should be that you are a naps customer though.