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IGF-1 results- Canada Peptides GH + Serum T- Watson Cyp both from domestic-supply


Jul 16, 2010
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I had my IGF-1 levels tested. I did not do a loading dose (no 10iu injection 3 hours prior or anything). I just have been using this Canada Peptides Somatropin GH for about 14 weeks, at 4iu/day, 5 days a week. My last 4iu injection (subQ of course) prior to the test was the afternoon before, around 21 hours before blood drawn.

I also got a vial of Watson Test Cyp from DS and I told him I'd run blood work on it since I'm on TRT (200mg) and I get bloods done all the time, and I'm scripted Watson.
This stuff is the REAL DEAL. I posted in another thread with pics that they were identical to the stuff I get from my local pharmacy. Well the blood results are in.

Here are the IFG-1 and Serum T results...

I'm on 200mg a week of Watson. TRT dose. I've been on TRT for 4 years now using mostly Watson (occasional Paddock, Sandoz or Pfizer).
I had been on Watson from DS for 6 weeks. I'd done 5 injections of 200mg. Blood was drawn 7 days after my 5th 200mg injection.
Prior to that I was on 200mg of my scripted Watson.
Looks awesome that Watson from ds has me wanting to pull the trigger :daydream:
I've been on Cjc with Dac for 9 weeks and my IGF levels are Higher than yours.
Sorry brother, I didn't mean to come across like that. Just trying to give CJC with DAC the attention it deserves. As always, thank you for posting up labs, without them we wouldn't know the legitimacy of products.

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Sometimes I wonder if some of these companies are selling us DAC rather than gh. Especially since the results seem to be very similar .. Just food for thought

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