Improve Cardio and Strength by Pushing a Car


Jan 18, 2023
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Get Shredded!
Want a new idea for some high intensity cardio? Get outside, become awesome and PUSH a CAR.

This will not only improve your cardio, it will also help increase strength as well! One of the many benefits of pushing a car (or pulling a sled) is that its a weighted load consisting of only concentric contractions absent of any eccentric loading. The benefit from that comes from getting an exercise that can improve strength without causing a lot of muscle damage. Eccentric loading which is a contraction where a muscle lengthens such as the downward movement of a bicep curl causes the most muscular damage and soreness. We want to try and minimize soreness and muscle damage from cardio so it does not interfere with resistance training.

Here is a video of my doing Car Pushes. Typically the car workout I do includes car pushes and pulls but I didnt get a chance to do any pulls this time because I got kicked out of the parking lot I was in haha!

The Workout

(5) ~40 yard Car Push

(5) ~ 40 yard Car Pulls with sled harness

You can do this workout anytime but I would suggest doing it on its own away from a resistance training workout. For example this is not the type of cardio you would want to tack on at the end of a lifting session. Preferably have this be on its own day but if that is not an option have a few hours separating the two workouts.