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Is it more harmful to one?s health to be slightly overweight or slightly underweight?

Derek Wilson

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Oct 28, 2017
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Slightly underweight.

I am not going to post any numbers due to the fact that I know full well people with restrictive eating disorders may end up reading this answer, but I will tell you what happened for me.

At least- according to the BMI charts, slightly underweight is usually more unhealthy than slightly overweight.

Me at ?slightly underweight.?
By the time I had reached the underweight category, my menstrual cycles had already stopped. I was cold, blue, and had a hard time focusing on anything but food. I couldn?t think or concentrate and just wanted to bake all the time. I was very detail orientated, perfectionist- and CONSTANTLY worrying that drove me insane.
When I was slightly underweight, things just got worse. I got to the point where I couldn?t eat at all and almost needed to be hospitalized. Meals were terrifying. I fainted once. I was not me anymore, I was just anorexia.

Me at ?slightly overweight.?
By the time I had reached the ?overweight? category, I was perfectly healthy- and finally healthy. For once, I had peace of mind and didn?t worry nonstop. For once, eating was pleasurable, not a chore. For once, my body was OK. It didn?t bother me as much as before. Me at ?slightly overweight? is me now, and to be honest, I?m really not overweight, I?m at the perfect weight, and most of all, I?m not dying like I was before.


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Mar 16, 2011
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Sounds like that is a good weight for you and that is what matters -Luck-OD