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Is Spiking Insulin Post Workout Necessary


Jan 18, 2023
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There has been a common misconception in recent years (feels like forever) that spiking insulin post workout is beneficial for building size and strength. In this video Bob and I talk about how the research just dose not seem to back it up and why its not necessary.

  • Within physiological limits protein breakdown is not lessened by any higher levels of insulin than what could be achieved with a general mixed meal. Even straight protein is sufficient post workout.

  • Total calorie intake is most important.

  • Technically muscle protein synthesis is elevated for 24 hours post workout so your “anabolic window” is closer to a day than an hour.

  • What do I recommend Post Workout?
– The first part of a successful post workout protocol is a successful pre workout meal. I recommend a mixed meal (pro, cho, fat) totals depending on your daily macronutrient needs anywhere from 1.5- 5 hours before your workout. Yes I know that is a HUGE window. I am only really looking for three things with this

1- you have energy to train

2- the food in your stomach does not negatively effect your training

3- you have substrate in your system during and post training to start the recovery process.

– For Post Workout just eat your normally scheduled meal anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours after training. These numbers are really just general and are not necessarily guidelines. As long as you are hitting your macronutrient totals at the end of the day you will be 95% or more set before even worrying about nutrient timing.